15 thoughts on “Normal service resumed

  1. Noble D. Bell

    That’s interesting. I have been using Blogger for a little while. I use to host my own WP blog with my GoDaddy account. I just got tired of having all the updates to install and risk something going wrong.

    WP is a great blogging tool. I just wish they were a little more scheduled in their update process.

    I also have a free account with their hosted blog service but I have not used it in sometime.

  2. Randall

    It’s interesting that they used the phrase “Your high quality blog is restored”. Makes me wonder if they are doing some house-cleaning.

    I can understand that sites with high traffic or original content benefits them – particulary if they’re placing ads. The fact that you were totally locked out and apparently not informed beforehand via email doesn’t speak well for them – irregardless of their TOS.

    A TOS can say anything it wants but must still comply with local/state and national laws – imho. There are users that put a considerable amount of time on their blogs with expectations driven by all the upfront sales talk. One of these days, many of these draconian TOSes will be tested in court…

  3. Jan Hančič

    Sadly, I don’t do any backups… And considering I only have one disk in my laptop, I really should be doing them.
    Maybe I will now. But like you said, until something like this happens you think you are safe.
    I had a similar experience just couple of days ago. My car radio was stolen from me. I was foolish enough to leave the faceplate on when I parked the car. You can be sure I will always remove it from now on (when I get a new radio of course, which will cost me a fortune (the old one was about 250€ :()).

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  6. martinus

    Hi, I have had similar very bad expierience with a small hosting company that went bancrupt. I had to use google’s cache and the archive.org to resurrect my old homepage, and I still dont have access to my own old domain name. The things I have learned the hard way:

    * Use a very large hosting service that has good reputation. Don’t bother with small ones, the risks are too high.

    * Backup regularly, e.g. with a cron job. And check if you can restore your site from the backups!

    * Only host yourself when you have lots of free time and are willing to do 24/7 service.

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  9. Andrei Rinea

    @ “But wherever I move the blog there is a danger some third party is going to let me down. Even if I hosted it myself my Internet connection or server hardware could fail.” :

    Now let’s not overdo it..

    If a comet comes and wipes out our planet then probably your blog will not be accesible to visitors… That would suck, wouldn’t it?

    My point is : let’s not worry too much. Worrying that the hardware would fail if you were to host the blog yourself is exageration.

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