So what’s your excuse?

Double amputee sprinter Oscar Pistorius has finally been given the chance to qualify for the Olympics after the the IAAF’s ban on him competing against ‘able bodied’ sprinters was overturned. Oscar’s achievements in battling against his disabilities and a unsympathetic IAAF is an inspiration to everyone struggling to achieve their personal goals.

3 thoughts on “So what’s your excuse?

  1. Sohail

    I don’t understand why someone who can modify the physics of their body is allowed to run but steroids is banned.

  2. Andy Brice Post author

    It wasn’t his choice to be born with no lower legs.

    The real question is whether the blades give him an advantage. It is hard to see how this would be the case, unless the blades are much more effective at returning stored energy than a human leg. Even then, he still has the huge disadvantage of having no calf muscles.

  3. Milos

    One day if some alien race starts to consider invasion on Earth, they’ll see a picture of Pistorius, say “we can never beat those persistent mf-s” and quit.
    Among million things in everyday’s life which make us somehow ashamed for being human, Oscar’s effort and struggle to follow his dream is a ray of light, making us proud of what we’re made of.
    Forza Oscar!

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