4 thoughts on “There *is* such a thing as bad publicity

  1. Patrick McKenzie

    I was going to blog about this but thought it would be piling on. (This is one of those sissy American football rules which distinguishes it from, say, rugby: after the ball has been secured by tackling someone you’re penalized if you decide to join the fray just for the purpose of adding additional weight to the pile.)

    It is totally deserved piling on, though.

  2. Andy Brice Post author


    I am more of a rugby man myself. ;0)

    I haven’t added any additional commentary here, as I think the original thread speaks for itself.

  3. Sergey Kornilov

    I’d be glad to see the majority of BOS readers succeed. Unfortunately this not going to happen.

    Here are two links to check:
    ASP poll (2004) http://www.asp-shareware.org/polls/
    Business of Software poll (2007) http://blog.businessofsoftware.org/2007/09/start-a-softwar.html

    The same pattern. Most people fail or don’t take it seriously enough to make living out of this. Unless BOS readers are genetically smarter these numbers won’t be much different in three years.

    There are nice, smart and easy to deal with people out there. Still to be successful you need to learn from people who are successful even if they are not so nice. Be right or rich.

  4. Andy Brice Post author

    Please note that I am not accepting comments about Mr Longo for this post. I don’t feel this is the appropriate place for it. If you have something to say about Mr Longo (for or against) I suggest you do it on the original BOS thread.

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