First charge-back from GoogleCheckout

google_checkout2.gifI have just had my first charge-back through GoogleCheckout. I shouldn’t moan at one charge-back in 8 months use as my secondary payment processor – except:

  • the credit card address was in the UK, the IP address was in the Netherlands and the email address was .ru (Russian Federation)
  • the payment failed authorisation twice, before succeeding a third time

Despite the above, Google apparently just processed the payment automatically, without referring it for further checks. How many Google Phds does it take to write a scoring system that can figure out that this was a suspect transaction? To rub a bit more salt in the wound Google have debited a £7.00 charge-back fee on top of refunding the payment.

I guess Google must need the money.

3 thoughts on “First charge-back from GoogleCheckout

  1. SM

    So Google accepted the payment, later charged it back, and then made *you* pay a fee for it? I wouldn’t want to keep quiet about that either.

  2. Pradeep

    Why did you not select Paypal in the first place? I beleive Paypal are in this business for quite a long time

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