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siteuptimeMy PerfectTablePlan website and all the associated websites (such as have gone down three times this week. Sigh. The first time they went down for 5 hours, the second time for 3.5 hours and the third time for 6 hours. Perhaps they have been overdoing the festivities at my ISP, . I am not impressed. Somebody needs a good kick up the arse.

To rub salt into the wound they even had the cheek to put up parking pages with ads in place of my sites. Some of these ads were for my own sites, which also displayed parking pages  – with more ads. So 1and1 were potentially taking money off me through adwords at the same time! I have a feeling 1and1 and I may be parting company in the not too distant future.

I am now setting up a copy of my site with a different ISP. If (when?) the site goes down again I should be able to point the DNS to the backup ISP.

At least I found out about it quickly due to site monitoring service . I use their free service, which is adequate for my needs at present. Are you monitoring your site(s)? Do you have a back-up plan?

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  1. James

    That sort of outage is totally amateur. You need to be hosting with one of the big mainstream US hosters.

  2. Wouter Dhondt

    “I am now setting up a copy of my site with a different ISP. If (when?) the site goes down again I should be able to point the DNS to the backup ISP.”

    You can point your DNS to the backup right away no? You should have more than 2 nameservers available. Otherwise, it might take up to 2 days before all DNS records are updated and your domain points to the new ISP…

  3. Heri

    i use which is a free service

    they ping your website every so and then and send you an email if the website is down.

    and it’s free too

  4. Tony Austin

    As well as SiteUptime, for years I’ve been using similar free services offered by InternetSeer ( )and Web CEO ( ). A combination pf the three of them give a nice overall view of my site and also mirror/backup site. They take snapshots at differing times, not as frequently as a paid service but good enough for my needs. (The suite offered by Web CEO also does lots of other SEO-type stuff.) I also use and for web page hit counts. Since my website is fairly small, and run on a shoestring, I get along nicely with these free services. Over the years, I’ve tried a variety of ISPs, and find it amazing that most of them don’t inform you about any downtime, even if it is long (a couple of the sites have been down for days at a stretch). The most reliable one that I’ve com across so far is Mew York Internet, current host for (via local Australian company Quadra Hosting, who look do an excellent job looking after things for me because I’m not in the hosting business myself).

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  6. Arun

    I use to monitor my sites. It sends me email/sms when my site goes down and comes back up.

  7. чaтЪлaн4ик

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