one year in

birthday.jpgI have now been writing for a year. During that time there have been a high points (such as my post about bogus software awards making the front pages of Digg, Reddit and Slashdot) and low points (such as WordPress accidentally shutting the blog down). Here are a few numbers for anyone that is interested (as reported by

Posts: 74

Total Views: 311,424

Most views in a day: 56,447

Genuine comments: 856 [1]

Spam comments: 22,050

The post on bogus software awards accounts for a whopping 178,000 views on its own – over half the total. When I wrote it I only expected to get about 200 views. In fact, I have been consistently wrong at predicting which posts would generate the most interest.

Often the commentary on a blog article is more interesting than the original post, so I am delighted by the number of genuine comments. Thank you to everyone that has contributed so far. I apologise if Akismet marked your comment as spam and I didn’t spot it. I have given up looking through the spam logs. There is just too much of it and one can only read so many spam comments about Viagra and bestiality without becoming profoundly depressed about the human condition.

I have got plenty of ideas for new articles (33 to be exact). I just wish I had more hours in the day to write…

[1] Including replies by me.

6 thoughts on “ one year in

  1. Scott Kane

    Your software awards scam was nicely executed and delivered though, Andy. I’m not at all surprised you got that hits for that as it was deserved. Looking forward to reading the next twelve months worth. Any scams to reveal coming up? ;-)

  2. Andy Brice Post author

    > Any scams to reveal coming up?

    That depends on whether our supplier companies behave themselves. There is at least one that can be relied on not to (I think you know who I mean).

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