Google Chrome

Google continue on their path to world dominance by releasing their own browser today. It is open source and builds on elements of Apple Webkit and Mozilla Firefox. Currently the beta is only available for Windows. Whether this is going to help web app developers by adding more capabilities and setting new de facto standards, or hurt them by further fragmenting the market and creating more compatibility issues, remains to be seen. For more details see the Google Chrome blog post or the Google Chrome ‘comic book’.

4 thoughts on “Google Chrome

  1. runevault

    Why do people keep saying this? Not sure about v8, but the web rendering side there shouldn’t be minimial compatability issues if you already build your website with safari testing, since they’re both using webkit. Now there could be OTHER issues, of course, but the rendering incompat stuff really should be trivial to non-existant if they do it right.

  2. stormy

    I like this new browser and its UI. I think it shows that browsers are more of a hollow tool which should put search and content fron t and center. So, if you have not tried Google Chrome, I recommend it.

    Because Google Chrome seems to be based on Webkit and the same engine and parser that drives Safari 3.0, it seems to have some of the same CSS issues or bugs, as far as layout differences with Internet Explorer and Firefox. If you have issues and need a CSS fix that takes care of Safari and Chrome, try my simple browser CSS fix:

  3. coffee

    it will be interesting to see if Chrome can get as much market share as Firefox; for now they seem to have leveled off…

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