WordPress.com ‘no ads’ upgrade

The good folk at WordPress (where this blog is hosted) are offering a $30/year ‘no ads’ upgrade. Before I rush out and pay my $30, I am wondering how many of you actually see ads on this blog. Please add a comment below to let me know if you see any ads on this page. A simple “yes” or “no” will suffice. If the answer is “yes” a screenshot of the page would also be appreciated ( email it to andy [at] oryxdigital.com ).

27 thoughts on “WordPress.com ‘no ads’ upgrade

  1. Gert

    nope, no ads anywhere. I am in Holland if it matters.

    Also, I use the firefox noscript add-on, maybe that blocks them (but, adwords shows fine in google results).

  2. Dan Thornton

    You probably have good reasons for not doing the following, but if it costs $30 to serve a blog with no adverts on wordpress.com, why not spend the money on self hosting somewhere, and then serve your own ads to pay for the hosting!

  3. xxx

    No adds here (and I don’t do adblocking in browser). Looks like they didn’t think this one through ;)

  4. Scott Kane

    No adds visible to me, Andy, viewing with IE7 and FeedDemon.

    Only a link to them in your footer.

    +1 to Dan’s comment. I host WordPress myself and it’s extremely painless. Also makes it more transportable should I have to do so, and most of us do at some time or another.

  5. Nick Hebb

    I don’t see any ads. Even if WordPress did start showing ads, I doubt I’d even notice them. They’re so ubiquitous that they blend into the background.

  6. Andy Brice Post author

    OK, thanks. I guess I can save myself $30 then.

    The reason I don’t host this blog myself is:
    1. Laziness. I don’t have to worry about keeping the software up to date. WordPress does that.
    2. Capacity. I don’t think my own server would have handle the 56k hits in a day that the ‘software awards scam’ got.

    But I am prepared to switch if circumstances dictate.

  7. Patrick

    Andy, WordPress is pretty savvy about who they show ads to. Mostly its folks who fall in through searching. For example, if you log out, clear cookies, and then Google [WordPress.com ‘no ads’ upgrade] your site is #5. Clicking on it gets ads for me.

    This is more of a factor for my blog than for yours, I am guessing, since a major portion of my blog’s traffic is ranking for commercially relevant queries. As such, I’ll be dropping the $30 ASAP.

    Remind me to start writing again someday, too ;)

  8. Steve Moyer

    No ads here (though I didn’t try Patrick’s trick). US, FF3, Adblock and Dansguardian filtering.

  9. Andy Brice Post author

    WordPress.com obviously does a good job of stopping regular vistors seeing ads. But I don’t really want casual visitors to see ads either. So I have stumped up the $30 for a year of no ads. Thanks for all the feedback.

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