withoutafatherWithoutAFather.com is a website aimed at is a website aimed at helping teens who are growing up without a father. It provides them with advice and online mentoring on various subjects, including work and business. I think it is a very worthy cause, so I am giving it a mention here.

You can sign up as a mentor to provide advice online. Currently there are only two mentors with a software background. You might need to be able to speak ‘text’ if you sign up though.

You can read more about this project in this interview with founder Sam Berns at the FollowSteph blog.

4 thoughts on “WithoutAFather.com

  1. Torben

    Speak text? Wow, I felt like the “text” post was written in Israeli or something like that. Is that really am english writing style? I’m curious.

  2. Romain

    Considering the mentor’s name and a quick googling on some of this ‘text’ words, I think the question was written in Lebanese dialect using latin characters mixed with a few english words…

    Now that’s ‘leet’! ;-)

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