T-shirt update

I’ve have just made the first payout of royalties from T-shirt sales. $106.20 of Zazzle royalties were split evenly between Sightsavers and JaipurFoot. Patrick McKenzie has also made a very generous additional donation as he promised on his blog.

Sales dropped off rapidly after Xmas, so I am probably going to leave programmer-tshirts.com ticking over until Xmas 2009. Thanks again to everyone that bought T-shirts or helped with the publicity. Special thanks to Patrick for setting up the programmer-tshirts.com site on his server.

NB/ You can still buy T-shirts!

2 thoughts on “T-shirt update

  1. Justin Dolezy


    I’m after a “95% done” progress report T-shirt… I’m in the UK but the European store doesn’t show it! Do I need to order from the US?!?


  2. Andy Brice Post author


    I am afraid so. I got less interest in the European store, so I didn’t add all the designs. You’ll have to pay a bit more postage from the US. Sorry.

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