Digital River up to their old tricks?

Popular blog BoingBoing have reported on esellerate trying to sneak worthless and unwanted extras into their shopping cart. Some of the commenters on the post seem to think this could be an honest programming mistake. Given that esellerate’s parent Digital River is widely known and reviled for dubious upsells, I doubt it. Any vendor that chooses to use a Digital River subsidiary for their ecommerce has only themself to blame if Digital River does the same to their customers. Have you checked your shopping cart recently?

9 thoughts on “Digital River up to their old tricks?

  1. Chuck Brooks

    We noticed these same problems with RegSoft some three years ago, and dropped them in favor of PayPal. We’ve also had similar problems with DigitalRiver handling onlione purchases we’ve made at other sites, and decided not to buy from anyone who uses them for their merchant processing.
    Chuck Brooks
    FutureWare SCG

  2. Kirby Turner

    eSellerate recently changed their pricing model. If a publisher wants to use the fixed rate of 8.9% then the publisher is required to enable the auto-add for eDS (download service), eCD (physical cd), or both. Otherwise the publisher is charged a higher service fee. I for one am unhappy with this move and will be looking at non-DR providers soon.

    Here’s the URL to the new pricing:


  3. Romain

    Slightly OT, or not, but as a native French speaker, when I see the word ‘esellerate’ it makes me think of ‘e-scelerat.’
    And that can’t be good…

  4. Brit

    When I first saw you using BoingBoing as a source, my first thought was that we should question the source – because BoingBoing has a history of exaggerating the truth in order to pretend to be a consumer advocate. They seem to have discovered that crying wolf is a good way of bringing attention to their website. But, it looks like this one might actually be a legitimate complaint.

  5. Andrew Chang

    We are using Sharit, one of Digital River’s child companies, for our software sales but didn’t face this problem before. Although I must admit that their services can be quite unreliable sometimes.

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  7. turjakuunnen.turnoi

    Digital River and its companies like are absolute crap! They took my money which was sent to them via Paypal, and Paypal confirmed that they had received my money.

    They failed to send me the serial number upon successful completion of the purchase as was promised, and they did not reply to various emails I sent informing them of the problem.

    Digital River and are a complete waste of time, absolutely useless; they are a cheat and they are a rip-off!

    Customers and software vendours should avoid Digital River and like hell; Digital River and are criminals and are run by a bunch of immature kids!

    I would be very happy to see them going out of businness forever!

  8. dan Decker

    bait and switch. spent 2 hrs on thephone was directed to a website on a new Toshiba laptop to buy office 2010. page took me to product for 199.00 tried to order wont work call an am told it is 275.00. i give the address i am looking at they say tuff we wont sell it for the lower price. then she hasthe nerve to say have a nice day. and want to place the order for the higher amount.

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