SWREG customers beware

swreg upsellIf you are a customer of the ecommerce provider SWREG you should beware that they may be upselling highly questionable ‘discount’ schemes to your customers. From a post on the Business of Software forum:

This unannounced change was placed at the point of order completion where and leads to a $10/mo discount coupon scheme unrelated to the sold shareware. The way the offer is presented is deceptive – after the order is complete, they show a button with the word “Continue” on it. It looks like you are supposed to press the button to complete your order. Instead, you end up paying for something you probably didn’t want – and it’s a recurring charge.

Another posting suggested this only happens if your customer is in the USA.

I am not based in the USA and haven’t bought anything from SWREG recently myself, so I can’t personally verify the above. But these comments are backed up by posts I have seen on other forums from unhappy vendors and their unhappy customers. If you are using SWREG I suggest you buy a copy of your own software and see for yourself (you can always refund the payment later).

Assuming the above is true – what are they thinking? Either they don’t see anything wrong with it (which is very worrying) or they know its completely unethical, but are doing it anyway (which is even more worrying). It reeks of desparation to me. I thought their upselling of a registration backup service was highly questionable (I think vendors should provide this service for free), but at least it was clear what you were getting.

Vendors looking to move from SWREG to a different ecommerce provider might like to consider companies not owned by SWREG’s parent company Digital River. I use e-junkie.com with PayPal and GoogleCheckout. Other people have recommended Plimus and Avangate. You can compare processing fees here.

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  1. Roustem Karimov

    I made a few purchases via SWREG some time ago and they started spamming me with these “special” offers:

    “Protect Yourself with Evidence Eliminator through SWREG”
    “SWREG New Discount Offer on PDANet for Windows Mobile”
    “SWReg: Huge Discount on Smartsoft Video Converter Pro”
    “25% Discount Ends TODAY for Smart PDF Converter Pro – Easy, Professinal Quality and Saves Time – Limited Time Offer!”

    This is really bad for folks selling software via SWREG. Sadly, there are not that many good and reliable services out there. In fact I know of none. We sell our product via 2Checkout and PayPal and get at least one complaint a week about these services from our customers (2Checkout is worse than PayPal but customers do not like going to PayPal, probably they still think that the PayPal will force them to create an account there). This is one of the reasons we are currently opening a merchant account — to have full control over the checkout process.

  2. Daniel

    Roustem, to have a very stable and powerful e-commerce department requires a lot of resources! I will think twice before getting this decision :)

  3. Mike Sutton

    I’ve been an SWREG vendor since the Steve Lee days. I have a lot of respect for Steve and the company he built. Sadly, DR is not returning that respect these days.

    Since the take over we have had our customers being signed up to spam lists (and SWREG refuse to remove my customers from the list). Then they attempted to bribe us, with lower rates, into them getting our customers to sign up for download protection (we always do this for free) and to be advertised to after the sale.

    Now we find that, even though we opted to stay at the higher rates, our customers still get the advertising (and not the simple ‘cross-selling’ it was announced as).

    After vociferous complaints from vendors and a number of us fleeing the ship, SWREG have withdrawn this deceptive offer from vendors on the higher rates, but it is still compulsory for those on the lower rate.

    If SWREG keep this up, before long customers will learn not to trust them, and anyone still using SWREG will be seeing a slump in sales.

    As I said above, I have a lot of respect for Steve Lee and the company he built. I hope he never finds out how DR are trying to destroy it.

    PS. I’ve also heard reports that RegSoft have imposed a similar scheme on their vendors. I suspect other DR properties will follow suit soon.

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  5. Fost

    This has pissed all vendors off since its inception. Some of us chose to stay on an older (and more expensive) plan when the new contract came in, specifically because the new contract REQUIRES vendors to allow DR to sell their FUCKING USELESS backup plan (a service we already provide to customers FOR FREE!) and to allow them to insert offers into the purchase completion page. I’m not adverse to showing ads for related products my customers might be interested in, but I’d like to show them games from other vendors I know and trust, not POINTLESS and UTTERLY WANK discount coupon subscription schemes.

    Sadly, despite some vendors doing everything correctly and keeping the old contract those this rubbish doesn’t happen, we’ll now be tarred with the same brush. I’m also sure DR aren’t that interested in making sure us older customers are kept on – if they were they would offer both plans to new vendors.

  6. Jessy Jex


    The offering is a perks offering for customers. In no way are they tricked into using this, and it is clearly disclosed what they are signing up for. The signup page looks nothing like the order form or SWREG clearly differentiating it from the product purchase.

    Customers are also very easily able to cancel the perk offering at any time. They can choose to pay the fee and receive great discounts at very popular, well-known brands/stores within their country.

    SWREG has made this optional for our clients. These are offerings used at Amazon and EBay, nothing new or out of the ordinary for customers.

    If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.



  7. Andy Brice Post author


    I have seen screenshots of the order process and I would expect the ‘continue’ button to complete my original order, not send me to some unrelated offer sign-up page. I don’t think its clear at all.

    I also have a few questions.

    Is this ‘perk’ from the same company mentioned here?:

    “Based on Better Business Bureau files, this company has an unsatisfactory record with the Bureau due to a pattern of complaints concerning deceptive marketing/selling practices and unauthorized charges to consumers’ credit cards.”

    Did you ask the permission of your customers (the vendors) before you added this upsell? Did you even inform them?

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  9. Andy Brice Post author


    Here are a few more posts I found about “Reservation rewards” with a quick Google:

    “Reservation Rewards” Rips People Off With Card Fraud

    “WebLoyalty.com aka WLI*ReservationRewards Is A Scam”

    “Watch Out For Webloyalty and Reservation Rewards”

    “Scam: Reservation Rewards”

    and a whole load more here:
    “Ripoff report”

    Not exactly what I would call a “perk”.

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  11. Mark Richards

    This is why I use eSellerate. Seriously, I’ve been using these guys for years and years and they seem very straight-forward. Yes, their fees are a bit higher than some of the others – but their service and support are premium grade, and they wouldn’t pull something like what’s being described here.

  12. Andy Brice Post author


    Actually eSellerate are owned by Digital River, the same people that own SWREG. I understand that SWREG had a lot of loyal customers before they were sold to DR, who started adding their ‘upsells’. Have you checked your purchase process recently?

  13. Cor ten Velde

    I bought a program “Photo Slide Show”. I paid € 32,21 with my Mastercard. The date was Mon Apr 30 2007 at 17:20:44.
    Till now I didn’t receive anything.
    I’am verry disapppointed.

  14. Andy Brice Post author


    The licence key may have ended up in your spam folder. Unfortunately this happens all the time. I suggest you contact the software vendor ASAP (not SWREG). I’m sure they can help.

  15. Jessy jex

    SWREG recently released a marketing option for clients utilizing our 2.9% + $1 pricing that continues to increase their revenue or lower their effective cost through our revenue sharing. The promotion was on the post-purchase page so it does not affect the order. The customer has the option to “continue” to learn more about the offering where they answer several survey questions, there is a full disclosure, and a double opt-in before they are signing up for the offering. The offering is rewards on travel, entertainment, restaurant, other stores based on their area where they can receive discounts. In choosing partners, we selected only those used by other reputable online marketers (i.e. Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, etc.) that have a history of customer care and satisfaction.

    If you are unhappy with your subscription or have any questions regarding your membership to Reservation Rewards or Shopper Discounts & Rewards, please contact Webloyalty.com Customer Service at either 1-800-732-7031 or send an email message to customerservice@webloyalty.com. A customer service representative will be happy to help you.

    In our error, the post-purchase page offer was released across the 2.9% + $1 plan and our default order form users. Once we were notified of this error, in a couple days we were able to rollback the problem. We apologize for the issue, and thank you for bringing it to our attention. The offering was only supposed to be released for our 2.9% + $1 users where share revenue with any offering lowering the effective costs for our clients. The permission to present these offers was granted to SWReg in the new 2.9% contract. In return, we negotiate offers with third parties that generate the greatest return to our clients.

    Best Regards,

    Jessy Jex

  16. Andy Brice Post author

    Given that SWREG is obviously has no intention of removing the ‘upsell’ I have decided that I will never knowingly buy anything through SWREG again. If SWREG is your only payment processor, you won’t be getting my business. I will also do my level best to avoid all other Digital River companies.

  17. George Wenger

    I’ve seen this outrageous scam before, and I can tell everyone here that I do not do any further business with ANY DR-owned site, and I strongly recommend that no one else does, either.
    Contact the author of the product you want (that sells only thru DR) and let them know WHY they can’t have your money – see if we can’t make a difference!

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  19. Tom

    I noticed that there was a charge on my card from this company SWREG. I’m not sure what has happened but looks like my card was compromised.

    I tried to contact the company, but they do make it hard to contact them for anything. Hopefully, I will get my money back for this fraudulent transaction.

  20. MattB

    Well I have purchased 2 things from 2 different vendorsand both were processed through SWREG. What a joke. it took 4 hours for the first item to be available for delivery, and this one i have been waiting for about 8 hours now and still no delivery or download link. What is with this company. I can sell digital products in my yahoo ecom store and it is available immediately after checkout VIA paypal. SWREG needs 3 days for this? I just do not understand the logic with using this processor when most (not all) use paypal anyways. I would rather email digital products 1 by 1 to customers after payment than use SWREG.
    Bottom Line is SWREG sucks and makes the vendors look like crooks.

  21. maria

    Oh man. We have a $100,000 vendor account at SWReg since the Steve Lee’s day and if this should be true, we will go away from DR/SWreg as soon as possible.

    We are selling a serious business software and have no interest whatsoever to mislead our customers. We have never been clearly informed by SWReg about this embarrassingly shady and unprofessional business practice.

    And it seems that we as a Non-US/UK company have obviously no chance to verify first-hand.

    Enough is enough. While this “download backup” rip-off is annoying enough, this is just too much.

    What will be next? xxx movie bundling? Poker gambling invitations?


  22. Marco

    Open letter to SWReg:

    Dear SWReg,

    we are generally happy with your services and support.

    However, the introduction of your registration backup service was the first hard hit in the face to us as such service should actually be free-of-charge. At least, customers can disable this unwanted option.

    But now, a very disturbing information has come to our intention:

    Changing to the more expensive royalty scheme to have our customers saved from such shady and deceptive up-sell offers would be no solution as SWReg would still be recognized as a shady eEcommerce service by the general userbase.

    I have to admit that you seem to work hard to utterly ruin the reputation you have built-up the last 10+ years.

    Unfortunately, your feedback provided in the comment section of above blog posting does not show any sign of reflection or understanding for the situation. It actually diametrically differs from your nice and friendly support.

    Please inform us whether you are willing to re-think your up-sell strategy and refrain from such dishonorable business practice. Otherwise we will consider to switch our US $320,000+ SWReg account to a non DigitalRiver account as soon as possible. We are about to switch our CMS and need to setup a new system anyway. We always do loyal business and would love to stick to SWReg but we expect to share common business ethics and I feel that SWReg has changed its attitude towards a very bad manner.

    I kindly ask you to escalate this serious issue to a senior manager.

    Thank you for your time.

    Marco xxx
    Marketing & Sales

  23. Tom Kopczyk

    SWREG ripped me off. I ordered software from them & never got it. Tried to contact them by phone & could not find a number. Contacted them by e-mail & could not get a straight answer. They failed to reply to my last e-mail.

  24. Andy Brice Post author


    SWREG are just the payment processor. You should contact the software vendor (not the payment processor) if you didn’t get your software. However it is still a bit poor that SWREG didn’t bother to reply.

  25. Dirk


  26. another_watcher

    It’s not just SWREG, you know. Other Digital River brands (ShareIT and RegNow come to mind) also now have this right to add cross-sells to all post-purchase pages…and the contracts also grant to DR the right to offer extended download and cd on demand as opt-out, no exceptions (unless, presumably, you’re an old client, or can negotiate a non-standard contract).

    Meanwhile, the other DR properties in the shareware space are good and costly – eSellerate at 10% to 15%, RegNet at $3+10% – 20%….seems like Wall Street is pushing them hard!

  27. mmsssdc

    SWREG is a dishonest vendor! They are stealing customer credit card numbers and using them to make fraudulent charges. I purchased software online and SWREG processed the credit card transaction. I provided SWREG during my online checkout with a phone number that is rarely used. Days later my credit card company contacted me to notify me of a series of charges that appeared suspicious. They ended up being fradulent charges!

    I had one merchant call me who wanted to verify that an online purchase to their company that was made was legitimate. When I asked how they knew to contact me at this number, they indicated the person who made the charge used this phone number during their online purchase. The only merchant who had this number was SWREG!

    Please do not use this company for processing your credit card transactions!

  28. Anoni

    This post has been really useful. I was thinking of moving over to SWREG but was surprised by their polices, including the dumb “back up” link. Huh?? They undermined my trust. I started to look for a new option after wasting an inordinate amount of time trying to get a ShopFactory/GlobeCharge site to work. I like the ShopFactory stuff, but GlobeCharge (whom i was “stuck with” because i purchased ShopFactory software to build my shopping cart) supposedly processes the sale and delivery of digital content (in my case, MP3s). But their “technical support” is EMBARRASSING. I had the impression that i was dealing with (polite) high school kids with no technical or business knowledge whatsoever. It could take up to three days to get a reply to an email. The “response” was typically a link to a .pdf that i had read months ago, and which did not answer the relevant questions. After reading the DR/SWREG post, GC seems tame by comparison. ejunkie is not a name that would inspire confidence in the “over 30” shopper – and with their dreadful “logo” good luck if you are selling to Christians.

  29. Andy Brice Post author

    I agree that e-junkie isn’t a great name. The customer never sees it though, apart from the URL briefly appearing in their browser address bar for a second or two before they are redirected to PayPal.

  30. Myricula



  31. Dirk

    Finally i have received my money back! right on chrismass. But this has taken a HALF YEAR though.
    Why have it not get earlier to me, i am now sorry for my bad words.

  32. brendon

    I have been reading about all the SWReg business dealings as well as hearing how they unsuccessfully launched the new Control Panel without really testing it. My partners and I left SWReg last year and we have never been happier.

    Not sure if this helps anyone but we looked at several other ecommerce providers and finally found one who we highly recommend. Our new provider is cleverbridge, they went way beyond our expectations in helping us migrate our product catalog over and setting everything up. Also, we have an Account Manager (Chris) who actually calls or emails us back, if you ever look for a new ecommerce provider look at these guys. Ask for Chris when you call, he has been good with us.


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  35. Mark

    I received a call from a computer sales company wanting to know where my computer should be delivered.? This was the day after a purchase from swreg. There were also a couple of smaller charges to my card. I am now very suspicious of swreg and digital river and will not consider them for my software business.

  36. Ali

    wow.. we were looking into switching to SWREG this week. I am glad that this was brought to my attention, at least now I can speak with them and confirm if this is a part of the deal or not. If it is, well then… I don’t think we will be going with them.

    btw, Marco… did you get a reply for that ‘Open letter’ you sent to SWREG?

  37. Cody Bedford

    http://www.SWReg.org also known as http://www.SWReg.net and http://www.cardquery.com and owned by digital river all seem to have unethical practices steer clear! They do unauthorized charges, and unlike pay pal and more ethical online Ecommerce sites they let any vendor sell their product even if its a scam company like http://www.alstrasoft.com and http://www.revou.com both are horrible companies and zero support buggy scripts and scam type of company they tell you anything you want to hear to get your money!! http://www.alstrasoft.com was so bad they have rebranded to http://www.revou.com and as many complaints that are out there and requested refunds http://www.SWReg.com does nothing to regulate the problems they just make it worse! I fought to get a refund which they only did a partial refund and did that same back up registration charge well two weeks later they recharged my card without authorization!!! And out of 10 emails they never answered why they did the charge and then finally deleted the link i had to do alot of research and call other numbers all owned by digital river and all they do is pass you around and say that http://www.SWReg.org is seperate and they dont have a phone number and they pass you around its the biggest joke out there.Any company that allows a scam compay to collect your money and not take care of the problems and then does unauthorized charges should be shut down but just for your info the whole company Digital River inc seems to be a scam they own 650 seperate companies!! All seem to operate the same way,it became very clear there needed to be a reconized site out there to help protect online consumers and warn them to stay away so i am building http://www.BBBofEcommerce.com it will be up and running next week as a temp site it will be a bulletin board but will grow into a great site for consumers to check sites out! Please report scam sites,problem sites and even sites that do great business! Any questions or want to help build the site please contact me Cody@xeleven59.com thanks

  38. Philomena Ojikutu

    I was just about buying an upgrade from cbox.ws and found out at the point of payment as i was being redirected to SWREG. There i found additional button of purchase of some unkown and unsolicited offer.

    At that point i had to stop, to do a little research which brought me here. thanks guys, particularly Andy Brice and others, for this alert.

    I went back to my vendor http://www.cbox.ws and found out surprisingly and strangely too that that cbox does not have a contact page, where you can complain or correspond with them.

    I have been using cbox’s free version products for some years, this latest twist has also cast a slur on the reputation of cbox and other SWREG associated vendors.

  39. Alan

    Re : Winsoftmagic.com Below is a copy of an email I have sent to winsoftmagic.com with reference to fraudelent credit card scam.

    Please see the attached file which is a copy of an order I placed with your website a couple of weeks ago for one of your products. SWREG United Kingdom handled the credit card details and as per the attachment promised the registration code for the product within 24 hours. Obviously as more than two weeks has elapsed I have to assume the you are complicit with SWREG in defrauding me of cash in this matter.

    I have emailed you twice over the past 10 days both at sales@winsoftmagic.com and info@winsoftmagic.com and have not had a reply to date. I am reporting this activity to the Internet Crime Complaint Centre in the hope that others are not duped by illegal activity carried out on your site.


    Alan Hennessy (MIA Dip. Journalism)

  40. Alan

    Thank you for that Andy. I have just written them a letter and sent on copies of the original order (Lucky I saved them) and my concerns. I have been checking the spam folder as they state to check there in case their email is netted as spam but I have received nothing. What amazes me is that they have a contacts tab on their site but don’t reply to queries. What’s the point in that I ask myself. Sounds like the worst customer service in the USA.

  41. Atomix Productions

    Well, we have been a faitfull customer too since Steve Lee’s days.
    Before swreg, we tried many other ecommerce provider, including digital river’s, but swreg was really the best.

    Today we stream 1.7 million dollar of revenue through swreg, which mean we are a customer they ought to listen to.

    We’ve been quite shielded from DR recent behaviors because we were using their “advanced level”, where the customer never leaves our website.
    So they couldn’t reach our customers so easily to sell them junk.
    (one of our old product was by mistake still on intermediate level, so we saw a bit of the heat anyway).

    Anyway, recently they started to push us to switch back to intermediate level, arguing that the chargeback protection would be better (which doesn’t really make any sense, but…).
    Strangely enough, we started to see an increase on the refunded orders around the same time…

    Still faithfull, we did the switch last week.
    But only to find out that their cart process has so many bugs now it’s impossible to use any customisation.

    With so many obvious bugs, like the cart doesn’t get cleared when you ask to clear it, or the keycode is not displayed once you made the purchase, I really don’t think they have any other customers left.
    I don’t see how another software vendor could use them live and not have noticed about these bugs.

    So I suppose we were the last customer still on board.
    But probably not for long.

  42. alvaro clemente

    En las ordenes para hacer pedido de SWREG aparece la conversion de la moneda en veB venezuela, la anterior, porque la conversión actual esta reducida en 3 cifras,
    por eso es necesario que utilizen la conversión de moneda que se esta utilizando en venezuela desde enero del 2008

    ejemplo conversión anterior bolivares 60.000

    ejemplo conversión actual bolivares 600

    como se puede apreciar la actual tiene 3 cifras menos.

    es necesario que se corrija esto para envitar confusiones

  43. J.Diamond

    SWREG is an online SCAM. They will scam you through their “websites” and offer NO communication nor any refunds for things you paid for through them.


  44. pg

    SWReg appeared to be a scammer. I bought a software through them last week and still want for the keycode. I emailed both the software company and SWreg.org. No reply, no nothing. When I try to file acompliant through the website, the submit form doesn’t work. They have no phone # on their website. I called Digital River customer service and they refuse to tell me SWreg’s phone number. I am asking my credit card to charge back and file a complaint to BBB.

    1. Sanda

      I did file a complaint with the BBB and a case is opened against SWReg.
      They are scammers and though they agreed to refund my charge- I want them out of business, shut down.
      I am sick of so many con artists on the Internet.
      WE, te people, need to revolt and not let them get by with this.

  45. Philip Pass

    When ‘Sharp Practice’ crosses the line to Mail Order Fraud.

    I ordered a software package: Nick Daws course at ‘$ 49.95 Free worldwide shipping’ on Friday 31st November at 16h00.
    I should have known better of course, but the truth is I have been struggling to finish a novel for the last two years and when a fool gets desperate…he is liable to try anything!
    During the course of the on-screen transaction I was offered the software registration/back-up nonsense which I naturally declined.
    [Please note I live in Scotland and therefore accept part of the price one pays for stunning lochs, great beer and Braveheart is Value Added Tax.]

    Transaction thus far:

    $ 49.95 coverted to Sterling at 1.56 = GBP 31.97 + GBP 5.59 = 37.56.

    Which is what my shopping basket showed when I pressed ‘continue’.
    However, when I printed my receipt, something I never usually do, it showed GBP 49.95 + 5.59 = 55.54 … Pounds not dollars.

  46. bob

    This is absolutley correct. SWREG HAS SCREWED ME OUT OF SEVERAL HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS COMMISSION. I kept getting monitoring visits to my affiliate site through Google Analytics, and became suspicious as to why i was getting so many hits but no sales. And SWREG is too Mickey Mouse of a operation to have any kind of basic analytics for thier affiliates. So when i became suspicious, i had several friends purchase the product through my affiliate site. I NEVER got paid for the sale thru SWREG, AFFILIATES BEWARE !!! This can be a very expensive lesson. Steer clear of any SWREG affiliate program. If the maker of the product wants affiliates, they need to join a dependable affiliate marketing program such as Clickbank.

  47. Libor

    Bad exerience from first order already. Here are data from My SWREG account for this order (amount in EURO)
    Net Total: 484.70
    Swreg Commission: (40.05)
    Overall Net Margin Total: 444.65
    Net Margin: 91.74%

    I have had problem with buyer who wrote that his PayPal account was credited at USDS 630.

    Great SWREG comission in a resutl!!

    When I have tried widraw this amount, I was answered that my account is under verifying. And no answer to following emails.

    So result of my first exerience with SWREG.

    Vast fees + long delay of money withdrawal

  48. Rodney

    I for one have always been very happy with SWREG. We process hundered of thousands of orders a year through them and the support and reliability of the system has always been first rate. We use the advanced level and I have never heard of any of our customers that have had problems or complaints after the fact.

    The only time we had a complaint it turned out that it was not our fault and the customer complaining about fruad on his card it turned out that it wasn’t even the card they used to order our software.

    Some of these complaints that SWREG doesn’t get back to when you purchase software is because the vendor that you purchased it through is supposed to handle most of the support.

    While it’s not perfect it has been a great system for us at a fraction of the percentage of what most of the others charged if I remember correctly.

  49. embee

    I ordered some software a few months ago that was paid via SWREG. I did not have any problem with the order. However, there were some application issues that could not be resolved.

    When I tried to get an RMA on this product, which came with a money back guarantee, SWREG told me, essentially, to FOAD.

    I contacted the vendor, who advised that SWREG was supposed to handle the refund, that I was entitled to it, but they were not in a position to do anything about it. When I contacted SWREG, invoking the vendor (with a name), they just ignored me.

    Interestingly, today I got an email entitled “A special offer from SWREG and Master Papers”. One of the items on offer reads as follows: “Academic essays, coursework, dissertations and theses on any subject and perfectly written to your instructions”. Ouch.

    I wonder whether they also sell holograms that can defend the dissertations they sell :-)

    Although I don’t recall ever requesting to receive “customer only email offers from SWREG”, I clicked the “unsubscribe here” link, which transported me to a website called dr.bluehornet.com, a DR site classified as “dangerous”.

  50. Jim DeLaHunt

    I purchased some software from another vendor, Dauntless (http://dauntless-software.com/) in January 2009. On February 11th 2009 I also received spam advertising, “Master Papers and SWREG are pleased to announce a special money-saving offer on custom writing services…. Academic essays, coursework, dissertations and theses on any subject and perfectly written to your instructions…”. Yes, ouch.

    Interestingly, in SWREG’s unsubscribe page, they have a link to a record that claims to explain where they got my address. This record says that, “You are receiving this email because you have requested to receive information from us”, which is false, and that the “Date and time signed up” was “February 9, 2009” — a month after I purchased the underlying software, and a day on which I had no interaction with SWREG at all.

    This stinks. I’m working the issue with the software vendor, who is SWREG’s customer. I hope they will take the matter up with SWREG.

  51. John

    Hi Everyone! I just wanted to let everyone know that SWREG understands, cares and is very concerned about your complaints. I have been working with SWREG closely and we are making great efforts to resolve the issue. SWREG has just recently launched a customer service page (http://cs.swreg.org/) and a FAQ page (http://faq.swreg.org/) that will answer any questions and concerns that you may have. In addition, they also have a 24 hour customer service center for a very quick response. SWREG wants to clarify that once you reach the order submitted page, the transaction has already been completed. SWREG knows that the click continue button can be a little confusing and realizes that some have probably purchased extended coverage by mistake. If this is the case, SWREG will gladly give refunds for anyone that has done this in error. Please visit http://faq.swreg.org/#extended_coverage for more information


  52. Mr D

    Posted at 8:12 pm on March 9th, 2009 by Mr D

    In the same boat as many of you guys, bought PC- Doctor which is a cr@p piece of software ** DO NOT BUY ** it promises the world, but does not deliver..

    Tried in everyway to contact the original vendor and SWREG and they cheekly let you fill in all the on line forms for a refund then the systems hangs on a enter your SWREG mail box login….you never get any further, they must be laughing their tits off on the 30 days refund gig.

    And John above —> SWREG customer service page, it sucks.

    Will try to refund though my credit card.

    STAY AWAY FROM SWREG —- They are WWW thieves—– .

  53. Simon

    I just bought a directory listing paying through SWREG and they charged me VAT even though I entered the valid VAT number of my business.

    Ok everyone makes mistakes but when I tried contacting them about the issue I made the same discovery as Mr D above, the complaint and request forms they have will let you fill in all relevant information and then in hangs when asking for your email address, and they don’t answer emails.

    There is no way of contacting SWREG if you have a problem and I also get those annoying special offers for all kinds of half scammy products directly form SWREG even though I’m a customer of the directory where I bought a listing.

    I just can’t understand that vendors would accept the card processor sending out offers to their customers.


  54. Pingback: Digital River up to their old tricks? « Successful Software

  55. Derek

    Any CC processing company that does not even offer an unsubscribe link on their follow-up spam, is a company to avoid.

  56. Derek

    SWREG started sending me solicitations once I paid a vendor through their portal. The problem was that the emails don’t include an unsubscribe link, and their “contact us” page is only able to be used by registered members. So I emailed Jessy who posted above. I’m glad to say he manually removed me. However, it is bad business practice to advertise without an unsubscribe link.

  57. Sandeep

    I am a Authroized Software Distributor and i have all manufacture certificate which i have receive from manufacture company. After showing these certificates they declined my account and said we not accept this certificate. Now my customer has already paid through SWREG payment and now when i am asking to swreg to transfer my payment to paypal they said it takes 6 month to do this work because we need to check whether client was requesting for a refund or not.

    So i want to say SWREG is totally sucks which i have never seen on my life.


    SWREG has stolen my $2500 funds four months ago. Without any cause or notice, they changed the password of my account that has the funds. Luckily, I had another account with them ” for an older store”, but it did not has funds in it, so they did not close it or change the password!!! So, i contacted them from the working account and asked why they have changed the password, they said that my account is a high risk one and they have to freeze the funds for 6 months for any charge backs. After two or three emails from me trying to know the reason they consider my account a high risk one and trying to get them to release my funds, they closed the other account. By closing my both accounts, I was unable to contact them again since you have no option to contact them unless from your control panel. So, if you got a good fund amount in your account, be ready to fail to log in one day without prior notice or any hope to get your money back.

  59. rebecca d lidberg

    trying to correct PROBLEM of OVERPAYMENTS….have been charged (9) times within 2 minute..tried emailing to passport.dareen gruder…told not there department..darren says doesn’t belong to passport anylonger…mailed bill to compay. only thing can do is pay off credit card and cancel account..no one willing to correct problem….rebecca d lidberg…3640 w loyola dr…kenner,la70065….504 472 4369…..rlidberg1@cox.net…thought had up grade to $49.95 a month to get better benefits,leads,etc…this not working….PLEASE HELP…u32274721….u39929801..u30908689..u33046716…u31651934….u29347351…..u39929801…..this how many times charged..5/9/09 at 8:57 am…then at 11:31..5/7/09…confusing…someone…HELP….sent a email today…guess what return….THANKS FOR ANOTHER…$29.95 order…..

  60. GW Humphrey

    SWREG’s product “Smaltsoft PowerSuite 2009” is a scam and rip-off. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. Make sure you use PAYPAL or you may not get your money back. The product is a scam.

  61. Chris Davies

    I purchased some software on 31st May at 17:00. It’s now 3rd June 2am (Uk time). This company should be investigated by the serious fraud squad or bad business burea because they have taken my £70 and yet I still have no registration codes to use the software. I tried all the normal things like email the software owner and swreg 5 times using a combination of online forms on their site and then both their email addresses and I used two different email addresses myself to make sure they got my emails. After 2 days no joy, not 1 reply!.

    After 2 days I managed to get hold of a number by doing google searches by searching on “SWREG SCAM COMPANY” and I got two numbers for digital river who own SWREG. Spoke to a nice sounding lady who told me “SWREG don’t have their own phone numbers and are only contactable by email and that she could not act on their behalf to solve my problem, other than to send them an email (like I had done 5 times already!). I explained my problem and she had my order details. I also called mastercard to make sure the money had been taken from my account (it had).

    I am now into the third day with not even 1 response from the software provider or swreg. This is DISGRACEFUL AND FRAUDULENT. I might add that this HAS happened to me before with this company but I haven’t kept the details to write of here.

    Well, if I don’t get my download codes in the next 12 hours I will be demanding a full refund and writing to Mastercard asking them why they allow fraudsters to process their cards (i.e. swreg).

    I am now two days late on a marketing campaign and don’t want to purchase software elsewhere until i’m sure I can get my money back. Seriously I will NEVER NEVER NEVER Purchase from this cowboy outfit again and I urge anyone considering using them to be VERY CAREFUL.
    p.s. (I am happy to be contacted if it helps anyone else from being conned like I feel I have).

  62. Chris Davies

    Oh, I forgot to mention that I believe their website is deliberately flawed because when you try and use the online form it doesn’t work. I did it anyway and also used the email addresses on the website. I DO remember this same problem over a year ago when I had a similar episode with swreg. Now even a poor programmer would be made aware of these problems very quickly and put them right. This is why without ANY doubt I know now that SWREG is a huge scam and us genuine people should not have to put up with this behaviour.

    1. Christopher Davies

      Update: 19:00 uk time

      Just waited 15 minutes to get through to digital river phone number which from UK is 001 952 253 1234.
      I entered extension 5695 which yesterday was a lady called ashley who spoke to me late last night. She sounded the same but confused and clearly shocked at someone getting through the system and she put me back in the queue again! Eventually got through and then it was explained once again that although digital river own swreg they have no knowledge of them and can’t check orders online or deal with any swreg queries or card refunds.

      They also told me that I must wait up to 48hrs from when the email was sent by them to swreg. Told them this was abyssmal service and that how can I deal with swreg customer service when they have none! They don’t have a phone number and don’t answer emails! I have an online and email record of digital rivers email to swreg saying I had paid but the order is unfulfilled.

      I have a very bad feeling about this and am making these notes online to help other people but also I am going to refer mastercard to this site and my posts so they can try and get my money back. It beggars belief that a company (swreg) are allowed to offer payment processing and NOT have a phone to contact a live representative. I’m pretty certain this would not be allowed in the UK.

      What’s even more galling is I’m one of the honest guys who always likes to pay for and own software. I notice all the adverts by the software pirates who say they have cracked the software and are selling it much cheaper probably with real customer serice too!

      Goodbye for now

  63. Christopher Davies

    Oh it gets even worse!
    I just called santander who are the new owners of the paypal card that I have (they took over the cards from ge capital bank).
    The rep told me my card is NOT insured and they can’t give refunds! Unbelievable as I thought all purchases by credit cards had to be insured? Can someone give me any info on the legalities of this (it’s a mastercard by paypal).
    He said the only way I can get a refund is if the company I purchased from give the refund and to contact them! I explained the story above and that no one from that company can be contacted and that surely if they (santander and mastercard) agree to let a company process using the mastercard name then they have a duty of care to make sure it’s not a scam and that people like me get the product they have paid for? He was unhelpful and unsympathetic to say the least. I asked for santander address to complain to and it is
    PO Box 700
    West Yorkshire

    and of course they is NO EMAIL ADDRESS AND NO PHONE NUMBER for SANTANDER!!!!!!!

    I am also going to contact mastercard directly as they must have a duty of care for people like me….I purchased through SWREG for christ sake and they are a payment processor approved by mastercard i.e. I have not done some dodgy deal with a backstreet cowboy….although it does seem like that!

    I hate to think the cost of phone calls from UK to USA and locally plus my time. I am seriously annoyed!
    If anyone has anything constructive that may help escalate this and expose these sharks then I am all ears.

  64. Andy Brice Post author


    It is very poor that you can’t get a phone number from SWREG and neither SWREG or the vendor have replied to your emails. Feel free to name and shame the vendor here.

    Ps/ Have you checked your spam folder to make sure the replies aren’t there?

    1. Christopher Davies

      Hi andy,
      thanks for your comments. Finally I have the reg codes (5 days late). Just posted the ending….moral of the story is NEVER USE SWREG AGAIN!

  65. Christopher Davies

    Hi Andy Brice (above) thanks for your response. Yes I did check spam folders and logged into webmail accounts and gave them two email addresses but nothing went astray.

    Well just had an email from the software owner and also swreg and it’s good new for me because swreg DID get in contact with the software owner and he has now sent me the registration codes. I am relieved that finally things have been resolved satisfactorily. Of course the worry of whether I would get the software as well as the money spent on phone calls UK to USA and time keeping this website informed etc has all been a huge and annoying waste of my time and money and I’m guessing the phone bills will be over £10.

    Now this is NOT the first time I have had problems with SWREG purchases and it appears that there is a serious breakdown in communications somewhere in the system between swreg and their vendors and swreg and their customers. Surely every vendor MUST have a live phone and email contact number that is reachable within 24hrs max (and thats poor service by my standards) but that also goes for swreg too….why will mastercard and visa allow a company to process cards under their name and yet offer such abysmal response and customer service?

    The whole thing is one big mess and although I now retract some of what I have said i.e. maybe swreg is not a scam company (just a badly managed one) I will use swreg as a very last resort in future and any payments I make will be through paypal because they pursue it if things go wrong and that is oh so important.

    Easy thing to do would be to put on swreg website something like “orders placed can take up to 1 week to deliver (even electronic downloads) so please do not contact us before 5 days if you have a problem”.

    Hope this rambling writing at least helps someone make the right decision when next purchasing a product…….USE SWREG AS A VERY LAST RESORT AND USE PAYPAL OR AN INSURED CREDIT CARD TO MAKE THE PURCHASE SO YOU CAN GET YOUR MONEY BACK IF ALL ELSE FAILS.

    Signing off for good I think….Keep up the work whoever it is who runs this excellent website.

    regards chris

  66. Tiffany

    I purchased a product through paypal and it said that the money went to SWREG. I never got the product nor my 46 dollars back. It was suppose to be for data entry. I’m a teen mom so I could of used the money on diapers or groceries.

  67. graham sutton

    I’ve been trying for a week to make contact with SWreg or the vendor of the crippled, non-working software I downloaded from http://www.1st-sound-recorder.com.

    The SWREG Customer Service Center webpages are obscure and provide no direct contact details. They are all hiding behind anonimity.

    I guess my £25 is lost – but once bitten twice shy ..

  68. Uytterhaegen Tommy

    I almost went into business with SWReg, until I saw that they auto add a ‘we backup your license key’ item to the cart.

    Don’t know the exact price anymore but it was something around 5 or 7€, what is rather expensive to keep a copy of an email … The user could remove it if he wanted. I wanted it gone from the cart, they refused, I’m using e-junkie now :)

  69. Sunil Kumar

    I would not like to say something wrong but unfortunately, I have to write about SWREG. I bought a product through them which is unfortuntely not accessible through the provoded link by SWREG. I wrote them many times and now they even not reacting about my product! I paid the money for this product but all in vain..even they are not refunding it back…
    and after all they have some motto like..”we server our customer 24 hours..!! It’s more than 3-weeks and no response.

    I don’t know what should I say more about them..no words!!

  70. Ole Christensen

    Just bought Aimersoft Music Converter for $12.98. The software was advertised as a day discount offer on a iconiconews newsletter.

    When the payment was executed they had sneaked an additional “Manual Handling Surcharge” (for a downloaded software!) of $3.50 to the bill.

    I didn’t spot the trick :-( otherwise I would never have supported an outfit like SWREG.ORG

  71. John

    Hi all,

    Please know that we take complaints seriously. We’re definitely looking into these issues and addressing them with the proper approach. Feel free to provide any recommendations you may have that will help improve our overall service.

    Again, please visit our SWREG customer service page (http://cs.swreg.org/) and FAQs (http://faq.swreg.org/) for any questions or concerns you may have.

    We look forward to further suggestions.


    1. Carl

      I would never sign up with SWReg. There is no customer service – i.e. physical contact numbers. The customer service page simply forwarded me to the dubious site they hosted.

      Please check also e.g.

      If you’re a customer, considering acting today.

  72. Jim

    I purchased a software, pdanet, back on 11/08 from junefabrics.com. PDANet itself has been a good software and a good, responsive company….SWReg processed the $$$ side of the transaction. I assumed SWReg was simply a 3rd party handling the financial side of the transaction. Then all of the sudden today, I’m getting my first spam emails offering products from SWREG.

    I happen to know exactly and confidently that SWReg is spamming/soliciting me from the email address that I used to register my pdanet software. I use gmail and w/ gmail…say if my email is Joe.Smith@gmail.com ….I can give anyone a variation of that email address using a “+” suffix (like joe.smith+IUsedThisEmailtoRegPDANet@gmail.com) ….and when they email that address….I can see what variation they used to email me.

    So anyway…I haven’t contacted JuneFabrics yet….but non the less….obviously SWReg is contacting customers that it has no right to contact.

  73. Derek II

    SWReg is a total scam. I recently got on Skype to connect with a friend in Europe. I got an urgent message stating that my computer was infected and that I needed to buy a patch for $19.99. Later you are asked to enter your order number and a 35 digit serial number that it of course does not accept. I called my credit card canceled and immediately canceled but they may have took me for the $20. TOTAL SCAM.

  74. Termite

    SWREG is a company you have to keep a sharp eye out for what they are doing. I purchased a software program and they charged me for it then added another charge to my CC. I wrote them and asked them to remove the charge. I am waiting to hear back from them. If not I am turning them into the FTC.

  75. Hobbit

    SWREG is a large ecommerce processor that manages the ecommerce and credit card verification for thousands of vendors.
    Also, some vendors are in business since years and are definitely ethical and honest, and have commerce agreement with SWREG that forbids “additional offers” by SWREG.
    I don’t like these “additional offers” and the way they added them, but I purchased products through SWREG, only one time I had an “offer”, I refused and never had problems.
    The main problem for a lot of people is that they always click OK or Continue and never read OK to what.
    I agree that the “continue” button is deceptive but I’ve found it on deepdiscountcd and some other sites… you learn this and you become prudent. DR that owns SWREG is on the NASDAQ (DRIV) so it is definitely not a scam.

  76. Termite

    I did get a refund on the extra charge with no problem. But I still don’t like the way they do there billing and the way they try to get you to buy other stuff.

  77. w890i

    Please know that we take complaints seriously. We’re definitely looking into these issues and addressing them with the proper approach. Feel free to provide any recommendations you may have that will help improve our overall service.

    1. mindnevigator

      There is another annoying issue also for the vendors which is enforcing them to have at least 3 orders before being able to get their payment. This is so annoying behavior and I’m really off from this company.

  78. robert

    i purchased ABC Amber on SWREG at the begining of the December 2009. i never recieved my ABC amber program links or any other download links. i compliant many times with no result! Everytime i asks Processtext number they always give me there email address only and everytimes i called digital river which is SWREG company in U.S.A the number connected to the Philippines (1770 319 2718 or 1800 952646518, 1800 7808137) There marketing names always different and whenever you asks for that marketing name there is no such name. When ever you asks for the supervisor name his last name always start with “G” (Jason G., Winter G.) When i asks my money back they always say yes with no action. Now they dont reply my email and when i called the SWREG they put me on hold for a long time. I ALREADY CALLED MY CREDIT CARD AND TOLD THAT TO BEWARE OF THE COMPANY SWREG AND PROCESSTEXT THEY ARE A SPAM AND A FRAUD COMPANY. I AM VERY ANGRY CUSTOMER AND DONT LIKE TO BE CHEATED. I AM TELLING EVERYONE THAT IF YOU WANT TO BE CON, CHEATED, HAVE A LOT OF MONEY TO WASTE, WASTE YOUR TIME THEN SWREG, DIGITAL RIVER AND PROCESSTEXT IS THE COMPANY YOU WANT. I AM NOT A FAKE CUSTOMER, DONT LISTEN TO MY ADVISE THEN SAY BYE BYE TO YOUR MONEY! BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE
    digitalriver, SWREG, PROCESSTEXT company if you me to stop my complaint and GIVE MY MONEY BACK! CONTACT ME ON MY EMAIL ADDRESS robert.sing@yahoo.com

    1. darren

      what a rip off have tried 2 contact them but no number tried to e-mail them but does non send i purchased how 2 beat the congestion charge on the 03of 03 2010 and still waiting 4 it to come its taking the mickey now will never go their again how i came accross it was by going on dan strauss driving secrets if swreg r reading this where is my bloody order NUMBER: G889613401

      1. Molly

        Hey Guys,

        CHeck out the following info & contact them. Since it is listed ( publicly traded), you guys can put DR in some serious trouble.

        Digital River Inc.
        9625 West 76th Street
        Suite 150
        Eden Prairie, MN 55344
        United States – Map
        Phone: 952-253-1234
        Fax: 952-253-8497
        Website: http://www.digitalriver.com

        If you want to dig deeper. Check out: http://finance.yahoo.com/q/pr?s=DRIV

        You might need to do a little more research about the SWreg and DR relationship. Are they sister companies?

        Also, send all these complaints to newsmedia, I am some publishers/reporters would love to feed on it. If everyone takes a little time to write letters to new channels, newspaper, finra, sec, chamber of commerce, state administrations, and other administrations or officials,,, we can all get out refunds back and probablly stop SWREG from future ripoffs. If they were BBB enrolled, we can all complain to them as well. BBB does a great job keeping companies in their places.

        Hope this helps.



  79. Sanda

    They are scamer. They are connected with Digitalriver:
    Below is the info I found.

    9625 West 76th Street

    Suite 150

    Eden Prairie, MN 55344

    United States

    Founded in 1987





    Key Executives

    SWREG Inc. does not have any Key Executives recorded.

  80. sailor97

    So, after reading all those interesting comments, I must ask a question.

    Where is FBI? Why FBI doesn’t start some investigation on SWREG and DIGITALRIVER company? They are the only one that may do something to put them out of business.

    Warning to potential customers are not so useful, as there will be always peoples that still buy from SWREG. And, as others have rightly suggested, look at that DIGITALRIVER stocks on the market. They are still there, even if they are loosing a bit of money. But this is not enough. They must be put out of business and jailed.

    Please FBI, do something.

  81. Diane

    I have tried to purchase a product through Swreg but each time the payment does not go through. I am sure I’m doing everything right and other payments go through successfully, but not Swreg.

  82. sergi

    Swreg does NOT REFUND the product I bought. It’s a scam. They don’t reply to my emails. Totally deceived by this vudu company. You have been warned.

    1. Viktor Zeman

      I confirm, what Sergi wrote. He bought product from us through SWREG. Later we agreed, that we will make refund, but SWREG had problems to do the refund correctly.
      At the end they payed much less as was initial order even if I requested full refund of Sergi’s order.

      What is the worst, they doesn’t react on my emails/tickets anymore.

      If I would be in decision process, which payment processor to choose, SWREG will not be the choice anymore !

  83. Ed Thom

    I made a purchase through them and just realized they have been hitting my credit card with some bogus $20/month charge. This outfit is a total scam…It should be illegal. These are the kinds of businesses that deserve to be put out of business.

    I called the processor to cancel and she acted like it was ok for them to tack on the charge…further, she acknowledged that it happens to people all the time with them.

    These guys are crooks. Avoid them, don’t even think about doing business with them. Beyond that…I have gotten worthless spam messages ever since.

    Bsd business

  84. mitchakita

    I alsowas hit wuth a recurring $10 charge on my T-Mobil bill through the same tactics. T-Mobil removed the charges & finally gave me a phone # Icould call to find the culprits. Alas, the number was DISCONNECTED. So it goes.

  85. SOLOR

    >>>www.unlockiphone4os.com<<>>swreg.org card<<>>www.cardquery.com<<<


  86. carl estes

    My experience with the deleated file recovery software was a total disaster the software changed all the deleated file names so that it is impossible to find them much recover them. They even tacked extra charges on my bill to boost profits. What did they call it? Registration Backup Service then a surcharge? “File-Saver Software” fat chance you will recover anything with this, my advice STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCAM>>>

  87. James

    The company I work for uses SWREG, and my boss has just finished another huge rant about their “services”. He says that they are absolutely the worst company he has ever dealt with (and he has been in business for over 8 years, and dealing with service suppliers for over 20 years).

    The latest incident goes as follows:

    1. $5,000 that they were transferring to us went missing (we suspect that they never sent it because they were having all sorts of problems with their systems at the time, and other credits to our store etc were days late etc).

    2. After trying several times to get them to trace it, and giving them the exact transaction to trace, they spent two weeks tracing the wrong transaction.

    3. Then when he contacted them again, they were talking about tracing yet another wrong transaction. It was as if we could see the transaction when we logged in, but they couldn’t or something.

    4. Then they started ignoring his emails. He sent them a total of 21 emails to try to resolve the issue, over a period of 4 months.

    5. Eventually, they sent him an email saying that the $5,000 had been credited to our account. The email didn’t acknowledge the delay, apologize for ignoring our emails, offer any sort of compensation or reparation (the missing $5,000 meant we were late paying a very important account, and it cost us $1,000 in extra charges) – and the email didn’t even come from a person – it had no signature.

    6. The very next day, they removed the $5,000 from our account again. He did’t know anything about this until he logged in today.

    7. They removed another $5,023.62 from our account overnight. No explanation or anything.

    8. We also inquired about payments we had made to a third party, where the money has not turned up at all, but have received no response.

    9. This is an older issue, related to some of the other posts here, but we had no idea that they were sending these spammy offers to our customers until we got some complaints from customers. When my boss asked about it, they showed the terms and conditions, which allowed them to do this. By that time, we were heavily invested in using a custom store that links to their systems, and didn’t have the time to switch, but with all the latest goings on, this is getting to be very high on our priority list – to move away from using SWREG as soon as we can.

    And of course, for anyone reading this, if you are looking for a payment processing solution RUN the other way. Do NOT touch SWREG. They are poison from every perspective. Their rates may look attractive, but their business practices are very dodgy, their support is virtually non-existent, and they lose your money and annoy your customers.

  88. Norman Clark

    Are there ANY honest online payments ervices out there? We have read about Google Checkout being awful, and have our own horrendous Merchant Account experience with PayPal (despite being customers there for more than seven years). Account blocked for more than two months despiute all ID information provided several times over.
    Any suggestions gratefully accepted.

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