How good is your Ecommerce provider?

ecommerce surveyIt is important to choose the right Ecommerce provider for your business. A bad choice can have a significant impact on your sales and switching provider can be a major headache. But which one is the right one? It is easy enough to find out about prices and features, but what about the all-important intangibles such as support, ease of set-up and reliability? I hear a lot of good and bad reports about various vendors. I thought it was time for something a bit more comprehensive and systematic – a survey. That’s where you come in.

I hope this survey will provide a useful resource to software vendors looking for an Ecommerce provider and also force the under-performers to raise their game. But I need your help. So please click the link below and tell me what you think about your Ecommerce provider. Please note:

  • You must be a software vendor (web or desktop) and I need your email address and product website to prove this. You will have to reply to an automatic email after the survey to verify your identity. Without this it would be easy to rig the results. Your address and domain will remain confidential and won’t be used for any other purposes.
  • If you have used more than one Ecommerce provider in the last 2 years you can fill out a separate survey response for each one.
  • As there are quite a lot of Ecommerce providers I think I will need at least 100 responses to get a good data set. 200 would be better. So tell a friend.

** the survey is now closed **

results here

5 thoughts on “How good is your Ecommerce provider?

  1. Bogdan

    Just to let you know, I filled the form twice (for 2 providers), but I never got the automatic email to confirm my email address. Maybe you should check your scripts or maybe Godaddy (our provider) is blocking the emails from your ISP (it happens with some emails from Hostway servers).

  2. Begemot

    Why only 2 years? I have switched provider, one year ago and I like it, I think one year is sufficient time to evaluate service.

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  4. Andy Brice Post author

    It was “within the last 2 years” rather than “for the last 2 years”. Sorry if I didn’t make that clear enough (especially for the non-native English speakers).

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