2Checkout fail

I use 2Checkout.com as a backup payment processor (useful for when PayPal reject a valid card or for people who don’t want to use PayPal). I got this email from 2Checkout a few days ago:

Dear PerfectTablePlan,

The following notes have been added to your account.

Please review this information and take corrective action, if needed by: as soon as possible.

Details: It has come to our attention that you have one or more orders that did not bill because they have not been marked as shipped in the Vendor Admin(VA). 2Checkout.com’s policy will not allow an order for tangible goods to bill if the order is not marked shipped.

We strongly suggest that you notify customers before re-authorizing a charge for any order older than 30 days to prevent unexpected charges and/or bank overdraft fees. Here is a list of your order(s) not marked shipped:

[order no snipped]

To re-authorize and mark your orders as shipped, please follow these steps:

1. Log in to your account.

2. Click on the “Shipping” Tab

3. Click on the “Marked Shipped” sub-tab

4. Choose the option for “re-authorize” and click on “Find Sales”.

5. If the orders have been shipped click on “re-authorize card”

6. If the re-authorization is successful return to the mark shipped tab and choose “Unshipped”.

7. Mark each order as shipped. You are required to enter tracking information or “tracking number not available”.

8. Orders marked shipped will bill within 48 hours.

Please contact our Customer Care Center if you need further assistance.

Thank you,

[signature removed]

Because the customer ordered a CD, 2Checkout doesn’t bill them until I manually marked the order ‘shipped’. I forgot (I have other things to do). They waited nearly 3 months to remind me that I hadn’t marked the order shipped. Then I had to go through 8 steps in their clunky control panel to mark the order as shipped. Why do I have to manually mark the order shipped when other payment processors don’t require it? Why didn’t their email include a link that took me straight to the appropriate page? Why did they wait 3 months to remind me, when 3 days would make a lot more sense? The net result is a waste of my time and (much worse) a customer who may be unhappy about being billed nearly 3 months after the expected date.

I tried to send them some feedback about this through their feedback form, but the form returned:


Consider this post as my feedback.

4 thoughts on “2Checkout fail

  1. softwarecandy

    Which shopping cart software do you use?

    Yes, it is frustrating to be dealt with in an asymmetrical manner. In your case you are expected to perform certain tasks manually (time consuming) but on the other hand when you contacted them, you received a poorly implemented automated response. Frustrating, isn’t it?

  2. Chuck Brooks

    More than not testing their business processes. This also demonstrates a disregard for their customers’ time, and not just the coder but from the suits that don’t bother to earn their keep.

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