Hacker Monthly

Issue #3 of Hacker Monthly leads with the Lessons learned from 13 failed software products article that I posted here in May. They even put my face on the front cover, despite my warnings about the effect this might have on sales.

Hacker Monthly is an interesting experiment. It takes the most popular articles on the Hacker News site each month and repackages them in an attractive magazine format. This makes for some very varied content, with articles ranging from business topics to advanced programming techniques. It is available both as a paper magazine from MagCloud ($9.95+shipping) and a downloadable PDF (free) and is supported by advertising revenue and donations. I wish them every success with it.

4 thoughts on “Hacker Monthly

  1. Louis Kessler

    Way to go, Andy. Very brave of you to offer your picture. The size of it is like a movie star on a movie screen.

    I hope there is no centerfold. :-)

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