Robo Print Job Manager

I recently did some consulting for Paul Roberts on his print estimation software, as usual concentrating on improving marketing and usability. He sent me some feedback at the end of the consulting and was kind enough to let me reproduce it here.

I got Andy to check out why my software was not selling as well as I expected. His approach was very thorough and covered the entire downloading experience, from Google to first impressions of the software. Some of the findings were very unexpected, and he found a considerable amount of room for improvement in various areas. Many suggestions were things I had never considered. I needed a brutally honest opinion with plenty of recommendations, and Andy (The Gordon Ramsay of the Software Development World – in a nice way) exceeded my expectations in his approach, his professional knowledge, and his knowledge on where I’m missing out on sales. Even though we were 13 hours apart in time zones, we covered a staggering amount of ground.

I’m still working on the changes he recommended (there were quite a few), but I am confident that I will recoup the consultation fee paid to Andy very quickly once these changes are in place. I would definitely recommend Andy’s services, as this was value for money, particularly for those who find their software is not doing as well as it should do and need to look at it from a completely different perspective.

Paul Roberts,

I am quite tickled at being compared to talented chef and TV bad boy Gordon Ramsey (warning, lots of swearing). However, while I aspire to his level of passion, knowledge and commitment, I would like to point out that I don’t use the F word during consulting (unless perhaps I find out that you are paying Google $0.50 each time someone in China clicks on your ad for a $20 product).