The imminent demise of Google Reader

Sadly, Google is killing Google Reader on 01-July-2013. If you are reading this blog using the RSS feed via Google Reader, I suggest you start looking for another RSS reader. I have been trying feedly. It is ok, but so far I prefer Google reader. What is your favourite Google Reader alternative?

13 thoughts on “The imminent demise of Google Reader

  1. Marc

    I highly recommend the “RSS to e-mail” service For a small fee I get all RSS feeds, with the full text (not just snippets), in my inbox. Don’t have to look for RSS readers; just my Inbox.

  2. Tim Whelan

    Feedly is great if you have super bandwidth, if not, it’s almost unusable.

    I’m definitely in the market for something usable, Google Reader was simple and easy to use.

  3. Frank T

    I’ve not moved yet. Instead just kept using Google Reader hoping that they’ll change their minds.

    The Old Reader looks interesting.

  4. Peter Severin (@wiresketch)

    I also kept using Google Reader hoping they’ll reconsider. I hope that a good alternative will emerge before the deadline. I use Android a lot to consume my feeds offline, using NewsRob app. I need to find an alternative that allows me to keep the same workflow.

  5. Richard

    Waiting (hoping) for Digg to finish up theirs. They need to get some mojo back and this could be a great opportunity. Feedly wasn’t just a website when I looked at it, and I’m not interested in installing apps and plugins.

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