This blog’s sixth anniversary

diverI published my first blog post 6 years ago today. I didn’t even notice the fifth anniversary of this blog, so I am going to indulge myself today instead. 277 posts, 3459 (non-spam) comments and over 1.6 million page impressions and I am still here, posting sporadically as time and inspiration allows. Maybe I will still be writing in another 6 years. Maybe not.

Here are some of my favourite posts from the last 6 years, in no particular order:

It would be nice to break 2 million impressions. I calculate that this will take approximately another year at the current rate of progress.

I have lots of ideas for new posts. But if there is any subject you, dear reader, would particularly like me to write about – add a comment below. I don’t promise that I will write about it, but I will certainly consider it.

4 thoughts on “This blog’s sixth anniversary

  1. Christopher Bruno

    I would like to hear your thoughts on the rise of mobile and cloud computing, windows 8, apps stores, and the repercussions of all this on the microISV.

    1. Andy Brice Post author

      I don’t like the way things are heading with Windows 8, app stores and $0.99 being considered expensive. My next product will probably be a B2B SAAS app. I might write a bit more about this at some point. Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. Paul Roberts

    Andy, is it possible to have a blog about writing software with localization in mind. This is a big one for me, writing software which can work in any country. Some of the issues I’ve had to deal with is different currencies, tax rates & the decimal separator. There are other issues I haven’t tackled yet like converting software from English to another spoken language, but I’m sure some have faced these challenges already.

    1. Andy Brice Post author

      I probably don’t know any more about it than you do, so I am not sure I am very well qualified to write that post. If anyone who is reading this has a lot of experience at localizing software, perhaps you could write a guest post? See: . Contact me to find out more.

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