Software audio and video resources

The Internet is a cornucopia of useful resources for software developers and marketers. As well as all the documentation, forums, blogs and wikis there are some great audio and video resources. Here are some of my favourites:

NerdTV – Robert Cringely interviews famous names from the software industry.

Shareware Radio – Mike Dullin interviews shareware authors and microISVs in his inimitable style.

The MicroISV show on channel 9 – Michael Lehman and Bob Walsh interview people of interest to microISVs.

.Net rocks and Hanselminutes – Carl Franklin and Scott Hanselman interview people of interest to .Net/Windows developers. Some of the programs are Microsoft-heavy Silverlight/Orcas/WPF alphabetti spaghetti yawn-athons, but others are of more general interest.

TED talks – The great and the good talk on a wide range of subjects, including technology.

These sites contain hours of great material. Long drives/walks/waits need never be boring again. Please add a comment if I have missed any good ones.

5 thoughts on “Software audio and video resources

  1. JD

    No mention of IT Conversations? Quite a few good podcasts there.

    And yes, congrats on getting ‘press coverage’ in Guardian. :)

  2. Tarek Demiati

    It would be interesting to compile a similar list for
    Marketing geared towards small business selling online,
    it’s very hard to find the little Gems since the word Marketing is often affiliated to zillions of scams and self-proclaimes Marketing guru with absolutely no track record under their belt.

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