Creative marketing

will it blend?Although developers have traditionally avoided anything to do with marketing (aka ‘the dark side’) both development and marketing require originality, creativity and hard work to do well. Don’t believe me? Lets say you have to market a top of the range blender – how would you do it?

  • Like this? Factual, but hardly compelling.
  • Like this? Subliminal message: you could look like this or sleep with someone who looks like this, if you buy this blender. Yawn.
  • Like this? Genius. I want one.

2 thoughts on “Creative marketing

  1. twocents

    Two images vs a video.

    Each image is 1,000 words. A video… (30 images per second) x (number of seconds). A bit of a cheat but it’s a good point you’re making.

    For years the commercials on radios moved from factual-oriented info to comedic-entertainment – some becoming classics. The Geico commercials are a great example of video entertainment advertising that works. These commercials are often much better than the network/cable program one is watching…

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