RegSoft customers beware

It looks like Digital River have added ‘Reservation rewards’ to at least some of their RegSoft customers’ shopping baskets, as they did earlier with SWREG. If you take the bait and sign up for Reservation Rewards, you will be billed $9 per month forever, and get nothing useful in return. It is an absolute disgrace. If you are with RegSoft (or any other Digital River company) I suggest you check your shopping backet ASAP and seriously consider moving to an non-Digital River alternative.

8 thoughts on “RegSoft customers beware

  1. Dave

    Regsoft has been sending me spam emails for a very long time. I have never bought anything from them, nor will I (never buy anything from spammers!!!!) DigitalRiver (the parent company) seems to be involved in many other shady business practices.. I would recommend not buying products or services from any DigitalRiver-owned company!

  2. spamsickle

    I would also recommend avoiding having anything to do with Regsoft. The two times I’ve been forced to use them (to buy software from vendors who used Regsoft to process their payments) have been an absolute disaster. You enter your payment information, get an email that provides a link to a tracking site, and wait forever. After a few hours, they’ll let you complain to customer service via a website (no phone number), which will advise you to “Try submitting your order again,” which will result in your being charged twice for the same item. Then THAT will take days, and lots of hair-pulling to resolve.

    From now on, any vendor who uses REGSOFT to process their payments just killed any possibility of selling to me. I’ll go with PayPal, I’ll send you a check, I’ll fax you credit card info, but I absolutely WILL NOT deal with Regsoft ever again.

  3. Adam Armstrong

    I had similar experiences with Digital River (which was endorsed by Cnet) and Regsoft which posted more than double the amount of renewing a software. I never got a reply to several emails to digital river and am now trying to get in touch with Regsoft. I would defintely advise anyone not to do business with anything Digital River, Regsoft or Safecart.

  4. Tobias Schorr


    It is a pitty that I have found this website to late. It seems that I have already the same experience!

    Do not buy anything by this company! After 24 h they do not manage to send a legal code for a software.


    1. Vicky

      I have been bitten too. They have taken my money, but no confirmation email or registration codes. I have emailed via their technical support page, twice, but no response in over a week. Now, out of the blue I get an installation disk with no explanation, and no registration keys! Don’t touch these guys with a barge pole! Next time I will make a point of checking that there is telephone support before giving away my credit card details.

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