Software Podcasts

I have been redecorating the house the last couple of days. Wielding a paintbrush only requires about 5% of my brain cycles, so I have been using the excess capacity to listen to podcasts from Software Engineering Radio and IT Conversations Network.

Currently Software Engineering Radio has 102 podcasts, on topics as diverse as game development , Erlang, static analysis and LISP [1]. IT Conversations is even more diverse. They are a great way to keep up to date, especially if you have a long commute.

[1] Don’t miss the weird bonus song at the end: “God wrote in LISP”.

2 thoughts on “Software Podcasts

  1. Stephane Grenier

    Hi Andy,

    Another really great podcast to follow is the TED Talks. These are video podcasts, so you can’t appreciated them nearly as much if you just listen to them versus watching them, but they’re great! I can’t say enough about the speakers. I’ve become a TED Talk addict :)

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