Blog Blazers : 40 top bloggers share their secrets


I have just finished reading “Blog Blazers, 40 top bloggers share their secrets to creating a high-profile, high-traffic and high-profit blog” the new book by the indefatigable Stephane Grenier of

The bloggers interviewed are a diverse group, blogging on everything from personal finance to fashion. It also includes interviews with a number of software-related bloggers: Jeff Atwood, Ian  Landsman, Patrick McKenzie, Dharmesh Shah[sic], Eric Sink, Rob Walling, Bob Walsh and yours truly. Stephane also interviews himself, which must have been a strange experience.

Each of the interviewees was asked a standard list of questions. Some of the questions are more interesting than others. For example the question “What makes a blog successful according to you” resulted in 40 minor variations on “It depends”. But there is a wealth of useful information for bloggers, beginner or veteran. It will take me a long time to work my way through the many links and digest it all. I might even end up buying The elements of style by Strunk and White, which is recommended several times.

Stephane has done a great job of pulling together interviews from such a wide range of bloggers, including A-list blogging celebrities such as Seth Godin. I was very flattered to be included. At $16.95 I would certainly recommend this book to anyone who writes a blog, or is thinking of writing a blog. You can buy the book and/or ebook online from The book is also available from

As an interviewee I received some free copies and I am giving away two of them. If you would like one, please add your email address in a comment below. I suggest you obfuscate it to avoid spam-bot harvesting e.g. me [at] . I will pick two at random on Friday 21st Nov.

30 thoughts on “Blog Blazers : 40 top bloggers share their secrets

  1. todaysfreelancer

    I have written a few books on the topic, I would enjoy reading it. If your really offering a free copy and would like it reviewed by a professional writer, I would be willing to share that review for use on your blog (or whatever other purpose you want to use it for).

    My email address is t r e v a s @ t o d a y s f r e e l a n c e r . c o m

    Remove the spaces.


  2. Richard Nienaber

    Hehe. Is it a sign you’ve hit the big time when you’ve been interviewed for a book?

    g i v e a w a y [at] t h e r a n d o m i s t . c o m

  3. Steve Moyer

    I’d like to be entered too … and you made me remember another of my favorite books (well, a series). Indefatigable was a British Man-o-War in the Horatio Hornblower series. So should we call Steph “Indy” from now on?

    steve dot moyer at selesy dot com

  4. Rich

    Can you see the mail that’s part of the submission form? If so, great. If not, my mail’s handled by google and my last name is fletcher, and the obvious should work.

  5. charles

    “I have written a few books on the topic, I would enjoy reading it. If your really offering a free copy and would like it reviewed by a professional writer”

    Are you really a professional?

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