This video shows all commercial air traffic in the world during a 24-hour period. Although the technique used is very simple in principal, it conveys a huge amount of information in a short space of time.

From gdyel2007 at dailymotion via TechTalk Newsletter.

I use various simple visualisation techniques in my table planning software, for example males can be shown in blue and females in pink. This allows the host to check at a glance whether they have a good distribution of genders.


Could you use colour, shape, size, positioning, motion or other visual cues to better convey information to your users?

4 thoughts on “Visualization

  1. vcolin

    Interesting. When I look at the table plan, I don’t find that the blues and purples are sufficiently different from the purples of the tables themselves. As a result it all just kind of gives the impression of pastel!

    I acknowledge that this may be my eyes, but have you tried making the table colours significantly different – maybe green? I would be interested to see if the gender distribution is more visible then.

  2. Andy Brice Post author


    The default colour for tables and the background is white. I agree purple wasn’t the best choice to illustrate my point. But purple looks a bit prettier and I couldn’t resist showing off my new colour gradients. ;0)

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