Is the average visitor conversion ratio really 1%?

We have probably all heard that the industry standard conversion rate is 1%. But where did this data come from? Is that the visitor to sale ratio or download to sale ratio (I have seen it quoted for both) and just how standard is it across the industry? I have put together a survey in an attempt to find out.

There are 8 questions in the survey, but only 3 are compulsory. It should only take you a few minutes to complete and it is completely anonymous. The results will be posted on this blog, assuming I get enough responses to make it worthwhile. If you are selling downloadable commercial software on the web then please spare a few minutes to do the survey.

Click here to go to the survey

** Update : the survey is now closed **

6 thoughts on “Is the average visitor conversion ratio really 1%?

  1. Chuck Brooks

    Good survey, and hopefully a lot of ISVs will participate. In our case, the numbers are just for internet sales through our eCommerce site, but does not include other work (e.g., contract development, recurring revenue services) that we got the old fashioned way – by actually calling on real customers at real businesses. Looking forward to seeing the results.
    Chuck Brooks
    FutureWare SCG

  2. Chuck Brooks

    Should have included this in the original comment. We know how many downlaods are actually installed, and accross our downloadable product mix that percentage is 68%. Don’t have a clue about the ones downloaded but not installed, but from the web logs we know they’re not search engine scans. The first time a program is run it connects to a specific web page, and that initial connection is persisted within the application.

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