MicroISV blog aggregator planetmiscroisv.com has died, for reasons unknown (Floyd, if you are reading this, I hope you are OK). Glenn Rice of backupbrain.com.au has kindly filled the gap with new aggregator microisvcentral.com. Thanks Glenn! Hopefully he will be able to fix the problem that is causing posts from this blog to not be displayed properly.

4 thoughts on “microisvcentral.com

  1. Glenn


    There’s two or three blogs, including yours, doing the same thing. Hopefully I’ll have it fixed by the end of this weekend. ;-)

  2. Baruch

    The planetmicroisv.com domains are about to expire in a month or so, they are still owned by myself as Floyd never initiated the domain transfer.

    Glenn, if you want I can give you the domains as I don’t plan to do anything with them.

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