What are they smoking in Redmond?

I scanned the Microsoft ad below from a recent QBS catalogue.


click for larger image

I am still struggling to understand the underlying message. Use Team System and Microsoft will get its tentacles around you? I don’t know which is more unlikely, the basketball playing Cthonians or the athletic and good looking development team.

14 thoughts on “What are they smoking in Redmond?

  1. Smoking Pot

    I’ll say it: where’s the black guy? It is basketball isn’t it?

    Oh, I’m going to hell. My wife hates when I make jokes like that.

  2. Mike F.

    At least in this one the guy looks like he’s going to score.

    There’s another ad where the sword-wielding dev team is backed into a corner and surrounded by legions of crab warriors wearing armor.

    That dev team is obviously toast and it’s gonna be ugly. Makes *me* want to use Microsoft’s wares for sure.

    Then again, here we are talking about the ads so I guess they’re effective on some level…


  3. Scott Kane

    It’s very clear what the message is:

    We are NOT the Borg, despite all rumours to the contrary.
    We are the green tentacled octopus thing.
    Resistance is futile.

  4. Typical Reddit Poster

    You guys aren’t very creative. It is really obvious.

    Typical Reddit Post

  5. Adi R

    Whatever they’re smoking, from marketing perspective it’s a super win:

    Got you to post a Blog about it and open discussion! What else can a marketing dude want?!

    Grats, Microsofties…

  6. Al Sutton

    To me it looks like the octopus thingy is scoring as it’s nearly all humans in the near half of the court, so I’d assume they’re defending.

    Maybe you need to have as many arms as an octopus to make Visual Studio run efficiently, in which case that rules me out.

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