1&1 and the disappearing IMAP ‘Sent’ emails

1and1I noticed yesterday that I didn’t have any emails older than 2 days in the IMAP ‘Sent’ folders on my various email accounts with ISP 1and1.co.uk. After a bit of investigation and some emails to 1&1 support it appears that 1&1 have quietly renamed my ‘Sent’ folders to ‘Sent Items’ as part of their upgrade to their webmail. All I needed to do to access them from my Mozilla Thunderbird client was:

  • right click on each account
  • select ‘Subscribe’
  • check ‘Sent Items’

It would have been nice if they had warned me. Given that 1&1 is one of the biggest ISPs in the world I thought somebody else might find this information useful.

2 thoughts on “1&1 and the disappearing IMAP ‘Sent’ emails

  1. aaron

    Yeah same thing here.

    Maybe they should ask if you want to upgrade at all. Changes to something as important as email systems should not be an automatic opt in.

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