10 thoughts on “Spot the difference

  1. Chuck Brooks

    Actually, the bared-O has been used by a number of companies for an on/off indicator, such as IBM’s early PC, our HP combo, and MS’ Vistas session retainer.Still, it looks like a shameless clone. Trolltech’s registration probably doesn’t include their logo, and in any event the two companies are in different markets. A fine example of CASE design (Copy And Steal Everything).
    Chuck Brooks
    FutureWare SCG

  2. DanB

    > Don’t you think the fonts and colours look rather similar as well?

    Yeah, no doubt they look very much alike, it just wouldn’t surprise me if it was just a case of two rather unoriginal logos looking very similar. In either case you’re right that Eventovate should ask for their money back.

  3. Rui Curado

    The on/off symbol has been widely used. I even considered it myself for one of my own logos.

    I think this case was actually a coincidence. There are dozens of companies with the on/off symbol in their logos, and I guess some other company preceded Trolltech in using it. So maybe Trolltech copied it from someone else??

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