PerfectTablePlan Royal Wedding Special

PerfectTablePlanIt is the Royal Wedding tomorrow and everything has gone Royal Wedding crazy here in the UK. I did send the happy couple a complimentary copy of my Perfect Table Plan software a while ago. I haven’t heard anything back, but I will be checking my support emails tomorrow morning, just in case. ;0)

I am doing my bit to cash in honour the occasion by putting the Home Edition of Perfect Table Plan on one-day discount site BitsDuJour on the big day. 51% off for 29th April only.

After the discount, BitsDuJour’s commission and support costs, I won’t be making much per sale. But I figure it might be worth it for the exposure to a different audience. Also some of the purchasers might upgrade later. My product is rather different to most of the other products featured on BitsDuJour, so it will be interesting to see how it does.

Will you, or anyone you know, be planning a seated event  (wedding, charity gala, award ceremony etc) in the future? If so, you can get the 51% discount here.

6 thoughts on “PerfectTablePlan Royal Wedding Special

    1. Andy Brice Post author

      That would be great, but I think it is unlikely. The British monarchy aren’t exactly known for embracing new technology. I once saw a program about a royal banquet and the Queen’s staff were using a big wooden board with wooden name tags to plan the seating arrangements.

  1. Software Candy

    It would be interesting to see whether the royal wedding affected the Perfect Table Plan number of downloads in any way. If the keyword “wedding” becomes trendy in Google search, you may notice an increased number of visits (and conversions).

  2. Jan

    Very interesting. How many sales did you actually make through BitsDuJour ?

    -and how many visits did you have?

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