Al Harberg’s Software Marketing Glossary

Al Harberg (best known for his press release service for software vendors) has created a useful glossary of software marketing terms. Al knows a lot about marketing software. His glossary is 107 pages/53k words long and includes quotes, book review and feature articles. I particularly enjoyed some of the more tongue in cheek definitions e.g. “System requirements: A poorly cobbled statement of techie talk that software developers use to lose sales” and “Idiot customers: Clients who don’t understand every aspect of your software immediately”. If you don’t know what active voiceAIDA, astroturfing, cloaking, CPM, fast follower or purchase order mean, now is your chance to find out.

4 thoughts on “Al Harberg’s Software Marketing Glossary

  1. Giles Farrow

    This glossary is excellent. Great find.

    Two more great examples

    acronyms – Abbreviations that confuse website visitors and lower your sales.

    underlined text – A way of confusing your website visitors.

  2. Alex

    That’s a great glossary, although I have to say I was really hoping for a humorous definition for the term “search engine marketing”. In addition to the true meaning it seems like it had potential for some low-hanging fruit.

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