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I recently did a day of consulting for Thomas Holz looking at his file synchronization software, Easy2Sync. We covered a lot of issues, including: Adwords, website design, product ‘look & feel’, usability, positioning, pricing, logos and why his software is still at v1 after 10 years! He was kind enough to write me this testimonial:

I’ve been running a software company for over 10 years now and thought that I knew most of the tricks and had fixed most of the usual issues. Still, I hired Andy to check my file sync software to see what I’ve been missing. And that were quite a few things. Actually I was surprised at the wide range of angles that Andy checked. Not only the software and website (as it was to be expected), but also Adwords, business, sales and marketing tactics. I’m still working on implementing the changes, but I’m already sure that this was a very good investment which will easily pay off – not only for my file sync product, but also for my other products.

Thomas Holz, http://www.easy2sync.com

If you are looking for Windows file sync software that doesn’t store your data on a third party server, check out Easy2Sync.

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