My new ‘Start your own software business’ training course

Things have been a little quiet on this blog as I have been busy on some new projects as well as continuing to work on PerfectTablePlan. I am announcing one of those new projects today.

Start your own software business

A two day intensive training course on how to create a profitable business selling your own software product

22/23 November 2013

Swindon, England

There is a lot more to running a software business than knowing how to program. The last 8 years of running my own software business have been a huge learning experience for me. In this course I am going share as much as I can to help others succeed with their businesses. This is the course I wish had been available when I started out. I am looking forward to getting out from behind my computer and meeting aspiring software entrepreneurs.

There is a £50 discount if you book before the end of September and the course is limited to just 10 attendees. If you have ever dreamed of escaping your cubicle and becoming your own boss, what are you waiting for?

Click this link for more details

I am just beginning to publicise the course and I would really appreciate a mention on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs, social news sites etc.

5 thoughts on “My new ‘Start your own software business’ training course

  1. franz

    hmm, how can you honestly offer a training course if you yourself don’t run a software business that can support you. maybe my info is outdated but the last time I checked you made most of your income through consulting and not through your software business.

    1. Andy Brice Post author

      >last time I checked you made most of your income through consulting and not through your software business

      I’m not sure where you got that information from. Last year I made >95% of my income from PerfectTablePlan sales.

      Of course there is always the (valid) question ‘if he is so great at x, why doesn’t he just do x instead of teaching other people to do x?’. In my case it is because:
      1. I want some variety in my work.
      2. It scales better than 1:1 consulting.
      3. I hope to help others make a full time living from their software business.

    2. Christopher Bruno

      While I agree there are a handful of mISV consulting snake oil salesmen who have not done what they are teaching, Andy Brice is not one of them. I think he enjoys this stuff, and deserves to be compensated accordingly.

  2. michele

    I can’t attend the training course because I’m from Italy, but I think this course is an big chance for everyone involved in the business of software. So I hope that you will offer the opportunity to follow the course through a webinar or similar.

    Thank you so much Andy

    1. Andy Brice Post author

      I have no current plans to do an online version of the course. But I am not ruling it out completely for the future.

      Ps/ An EasyJet flight from Italy to the UK isn’t so expensive. Make a holiday of it. ;0)

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