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MicroISV Sites that Sell!

47hats.pngI have belatedly got around to reading Bob Walsh’s new e-book: “MicroISV Sites that Sell! Creating and Marketing Your Unique Selling Proposition”. This is the first in a series of e-books for microISVs that allows Bob to go into selected subjects in more depth than was possible in his book “Micro-ISV: From Vision to Reality“.

The e-book is aimed very specifically at microISVs looking to create a website to sell their software effectively. It has a lot of detailed advice that I think will be invaluable to anyone creating their first microISV website. I have lost count of the number of microISV sites that make some of the mistakes Bob identifies, including:

  • it isn’t immediately clear what the product does
  • selling on features instead of benefits
  • too much text
  • inappropriate use of technical jargon

The content will inevitably be less useful for established microISVs, but you only need to find one useful idea to justify the cost of the e-book. My only real gripe is the comparison between programming patterns and marketing. I didn’t find this a helpful comparison. Marketing is a very different beast to programming and the sooner we face up to it, the better.

You can get a copy for $19 here.

Full disclosure: I got a free review copy of this e-book.