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Zed builds and bugs

zedI did some consulting for Zed builds and bugs a few months back and made some suggestions on how they could improve their marketing and product. In particular I focussed on their marketing message/positioning, website, Adwords campaign and set-up usability issues. They have now been kind enough to write-up their experiences working with me on their blog. Best of all, they have included some hard data on improvements since they implemented the recommendations:

Metric Change
Website Visitors 10% Increase
Trial Downloads 200% Increase
Google Organic Search Hits 320% Increase
Visitor Time Spent on Website 250% Increase

Obviously I can’t claim too much credit, as they did all the hard work. But it certainly looks like things are heading in the right direction and I think the changes to their website are a huge improvement.

Zed is an interesting product, integrating a continuous integration server with a bug tracker, wiki and forums, all behind a slick web interface. Obviously there are plenty of products that do these things individually, but Zed’s power comes from the integration of them all. For example, a build failure can automatically generate a bug report and bug fix can trigger an automatic build.

If you are interested in continuous integration and/or a more integrated approach to developer collaboration I recommend you try Zed. If you have less than 5 users you can take advantage of their free community edition.

Business of Software FAQ

As a regular on FogCreek’s Business of Software forum I see the same questions come up time and again.

  • How do I do SEO?
  • How do I improve my return on Adwords?
  • Which hosting company should I use?
  • Which payment processor should I use?
  • etc.

So I have quickly thrown together a BOS FAQ page in an attempt to raise the level of debate. Hopefully other people will add it to it. Even if you don’t read the forum you might find some of the links useful.