adriana iordan.jpgI was flattered to be asked to do an interview by Adriana Iordan of Avangate (pictured left). How could I refuse given that the previous 3 interviewees were Bob Walsh (author of “Micro-ISV: From Vision To Reality” [1]), David Boventer (founder of ESWC) and Eric Sink (top software blogger and almost legendary founder of SourceGear)? Adriana, if you could interview Joel Spolsky, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs next, that would be perfect. ;0)

The interview is here.

[1] This is Bob’s affiliate link. If you follow the link are currently offering Bob’s book together with “Eric Sink on the Business of Software” for $36.28. They are both well worth a read for any budding software entrepreneur. The price is nearly double (pounds for dollars) if you buy them from How can Amazon justify that sort of price difference?

2 thoughts on “Interview

  1. Martin Bromley

    Degree in Physics – me too :)

    Anyway, congratulations on your inclusion in the league of ISV superheroes!

  2. Adriana Iordan

    I try to interview all the people I admire because they have a
    story to tell and thus something to share and learn from.

    I am pleased to interview the software industry people: either well
    know publishers, bloggers, speakers, gurus, ISVs or microISVs etc. who
    try to support and participate in the software vendors

    David Boventer told me on a phone conversation, I don’t
    remember exactly his words but the ideea was: “we are an interesting
    Many thanks for the interview.

    Andy, to all your readers:
    Just sign up to Avangate Digest Newsletter: to be the first
    reading the interview by Avangate with Bill Gates :)

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