Unlock new customers?

Microsoft Adcenter helpfully sent me a link to lists of low cost keywords I could advertise on, categorised by sector, to “unlock new customers”. I had a quick look through the ‘sport and rec’ list. Here is a small sample (click to enlarge):

There are lots more where they came from. Microsoft say:

These keywords are actual terms recently used by your customers on Live and MSN Search Engines and are available at a low cost while very few other advertisers are bidding on them.

No kidding.

Did they do any QA on this list[1]? Exactly how many people are searching on “vn b m gn mbnmncbm xbc bcv 0 vfkmjirhtfnkj nb b x bmnx bv”? What has dogging (not work safe) or Hare Krishna got to do with rugby? Is it any wonder nobody is bidding on “duck porn”? Are there really that many people interested in pictures of nude female bodybuilders (apparently)?

Thanks Microsoft, but I’m really not sure they are the sort of new customers I want to unlock.

[1]There are some pretty unpleasant ones I didn’t include.

7 thoughts on “Unlock new customers?

  1. Tony Edgecombe

    I tried setting up an Adcenter account but for some reason they couldn’t enable any of my keywords (I only picked the top ten from my Adwords account to start.)

    In the end after much trying I just gave up, doesn’t look like Google has much to worry about.

  2. Andy Brice Post author

    This post now ranks #1 in Google for “nude female midgets”. Let’s see what sort of new readership that ‘unlocks’…

  3. Phil

    LOL, maybe there is some way to use this for PTP… maybe a landing page for people looking for bachelor parties involving midgets who then may also need wedding planning software? :)

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