New links page

I have put together a page of categorised links to blog posts and articles that I think might be useful to developers and marketers of commercial software in general, and microISVs/indie developers in particular. I intend to add more links from time-to-time. My rules for inclusion are secret, arbitrary and capricious, so please don’t ask to have your link added.

2 thoughts on “New links page

  1. Dan

    Thanks, that’s a very interesting list to read!

    I have a suggestion for an article: One thing I have never been able to decide on is what to call shareware products (shareware/demo/trial/try before you buy/free to try/…) and the registration process (register/buy/purchase/order/…). What is most appealing and informational to the customer and at the same time gives your company/website the correct feeling. This also ties in with the question: should you market your company as a small and personal company or as a larger company in order to gain the respect of the customer?

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