Ten mistakes microISVs make

Here is a video of the “Ten mistakes microISVs make” talk I gave at the Software Industry Conference 2009 in Boston. Total duration: 27 minutes.

The slides aren’t terribly easy to read, due to the resizing and compression of the video. But you can also download the paper and slides:

A big thank you to Alwin and Sytske of collectorz.com for doing the video. You can read Alwin’s excellent software marketing blog at alwinhoogerdijk.com.

Feel free to embed this video, as long as you include a credit and a link back to this blog.

How many of these mistakes have you made? How many are you still making?

10 thoughts on “Ten mistakes microISVs make

  1. Steve Hanov

    Wow, I read the paper. Thanks! It was a great validation of the things I’ve been doing, and a source of a couple of new ideas. Thanks for writing it all down.

  2. Jason Short

    Good job. I always think I have learned these lessons, but when you stop and look again with fresh eyes there is always room for improvement.

    I find that on my first few days back from a vacation is always a good time to look at installers and documentation again. You are relaxed and not into your programming zone yet. I can usually come up with a dozen or so changes I want to make to address new user experiences that first day back from vacation.

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  4. Gustav

    Thanks for your video Andy,

    i don’t agree with you at the “miskate related to refunds”, Refunds don’t cost anything apart from time. Probable that is ok for others if you use Paypal, i use Regnow and it has a cost not one dollar for generating refunds, the reseller never lost =(

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