3 thoughts on “Apple resort to FUD marketing

  1. A Developer

    When these commercials first came out, I kind of thought they were neat … then I changed my mind (quickly).

    It’s sad what Apple’s marketing is relying on. Instead of standing on their own ground (apple h/w + osx features, benefits, and abilities) they constantly put down their competition without adding *anything* to the message/conversation. It’s almost like they jump on Microsoft’s back and try to ride in on the competitor’s success.

    Stand on your own, Apple. And get off our backs.

    Another thing: they (Apple) know that Microsoft can’t reply to these types of commercials. You can’t argue with someone that’s just throwing mud all over the place. There is no conversation. So you have to ask, what is this? It’s like a kid that throws rocks at someone from a steep hill, knowing full well that the other person can’t get to them. And this hill was not built out of success, but rather from mud and dirt that’s going to wash away with the first rain of the season. Then the little snot gets a black eye.

  2. Noble Bell

    Interesting perspective. Being in this business for over 25 years I can honestly say that neither Apple nor Microsoft are saints. I know that it is a movie, but there is many facts in there, watch “Pirates of Silicon Valley”.

    With the aide of Microsoft, I have made a pretty good career and living. I am not knocking them. They have been good to me and my family. I am just now looking into Apple and Mac’s.

  3. Chuck Brooks

    Apple’s not the only one to exploit FUD, which some primal button that most (perhaps all) people have. Still, MS wouldn’t be such a good target if vista (!@#$%^&*()_+) had been done better.

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