I have just launched at new website at eventcountdown.com.  This website contains free countdown clocks,  for both Windows and web, to allow you to count down the days, hours, minutes and seconds to any event. It can be a wedding, a birthday or a major cultural or sporting event. Are your children wondering how many days, hours, minutes and seconds it is to Christmas ? Wonder no more! You can also use it to count up from an event e.g. giving up smoking or Perl.

web countdown clockweb countdown clock for Mac, iPad, iPhone and Android

windows countdown clockWindows countdown clock

The hope is that a significant number of people interested in planning events will go to evencountdown.com for a free clock and a small percentage will click through to PerfectTablePlan.com and buy my software. I have no idea how successful this will be. I certainly don’t expect a quick payback on the investment. But hopefully it will pay for itself in a few years, and then anything after that is pure profit.

This project has also been a small scale experiment in outsourcing that might lead on to greater things.

  • The web design and CSS/HTML coding was done by Sergey Pozhilov of μISVStyle.
  • The Windows countdown clock was done by Milan Marusinec of VectorGraphica.
  • The Javascript for the web countdown clock was done by Paul Kossowski of Dolphin Futures.

They all did a great job and the total cost was less than I would have paid for a couple of ads in event industry newsletters (which I tried recently, with fairly miserable results).

I have quite a few ideas about how I can improve eventcountdown.com, but I wanted to get something out there ASAP. After all if you aren’t embarassed by v1.0 you didn’t release it early enough. I would be interested to hear any feedback. Backlinks to eventcountdown.com would also be very welcome. ;0)


8 thoughts on “Eventcountdown.com

  1. Bob

    Looks like a nice idea and hopefully it’s going to work. If nothing else that’s one more inbound link for your site from domain that could become popular in the future. The only problem is you’ll have to promote this one too. While free is easier to promote, it doesn’t happen automatically anymore (except for few lucky ones)

  2. softwarecandy

    Agree with everything @Bob said and… congrats on the launch!

    BTW, it is unclear from the labeling on the button (“Change Event”) whether it can be used to *add* events as well.

  3. Smart Company Software

    Great idea. Website looks clean and simple.

    Just an observation. the text at the bottom where you say “eventcountdown.com bought to you by PerfectTablePlan”

    I think the PerfectTablePlan text should have more of a gap between the word and the text above it. Also I think it would standout more if the font-size for PerfectTablePlan was slightly bigger.

    Great effort and I’m sure most of us are interested to see how it affects your sales of PerfectTablePlan.

  4. S. Tanna

    Suggestion: Make it embeddable so that people can easily put their customized countdown (including colour and end-date) into their own web or facebook page.

    And wouldn’t hurt if the embedded countdown included a link “get your own countdown clock”, so that 1 begets 2, 2 begets 4, etc.,

  5. Richie Hindle

    When I read your announcement, I assumed that the web clock *was* embeddable (as Sunil suggests). I’ve just put up a family blog page, and an embedded countdown to family events, like the next kid’s birthday, would be a great feature.

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