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This video shows all commercial air traffic in the world during a 24-hour period. Although the technique used is very simple in principal, it conveys a huge amount of information in a short space of time.

From gdyel2007 at dailymotion via TechTalk Newsletter.

I use various simple visualisation techniques in my table planning software, for example males can be shown in blue and females in pink. This allows the host to check at a glance whether they have a good distribution of genders.


Could you use colour, shape, size, positioning, motion or other visual cues to better convey information to your users?

Hacking the press

I came across a link on the Mac small business mailing list to a video of a talk called “hacking the press”. In it Mac journalist and author Adam C. Engst talks about the dos and don’ts of using the press to promote your software. While the talk has a Mac slant, I think 90% of it is also relevant to those developing commercial software for other platforms. It is particularly interesting to hear how things work from a journalist’s point of view.